How to add mods that are in folder format.

Game Version: FS13 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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This guide will help you install mods that come in a folder format in a .rar file.

Like so: [IMG][/img]

After this you will need to Extract to the desktop. Like so: [IMG][/img]

Once extracted to desktop, go ahead and open the folder up. Like So(I think you should know how to open a folder by now?): [IMG][/img]

After that Select EVERYTHING in that folder and right click add to Archive. Like So: [IMG][/img]

Now, once you clicked ok, it will convert it into a .zip file, this will appear in the folder your files were, look for it. Once you found it, place it in you're mod folder and boot up LS09 and go buy you're tractor =-D

I hope this helps you that cant add mods, remember this is for .rar files with FOLDERS inside.

Any problems, post on this topic, any further problems PM me.


Original Author: JamesS | Date: July 06, 2009

Modding Index | General Modding Tutorials