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Well this is an idea I've had for a bit, I've no idea if it will be any use to people or not but it should make some parts of GIANTS' new vehicle customisations a bit clearer. I have started with two of the configurations and have tried to explain them to my upmost. Some of it relies on reasonable GIANTS Editor knowledge and some relies on initiative, however any questions then I'm sure they will be answered on either this tutorial if they're specific to it or in the forum if it is a general issue with vehicle customisation.

This tutorial will be added to over time with more of the configurations when I have time to look through them all, because there seem to be a fair few  :D. Any improvements on things I have got wrong or have missed will also be appreciated.

Finally, I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place and if it needs to be moved then feel free.

The text in bold is the function of the parameters, although I appreciate that this might not be extremely clear to everyone's eyes. The code is organised as it is in the XMLs yet is split up to make the parameters in each line clearer to see.


Wheel options:

<wheelConfigurations> <wheelConfiguration name=“” price=“” icon=“” > [/code]

name=“$l10n_configuration_valueDefault”            “$l10n_configuration_valueWheelBroad”            “$l10n_configuration_valueCrawler”            “$l10n_configuration_valueWheelWeights”            “$l10n_configuration_valueTwinWheelsNarrow”            “$l10n_configuration_valueWheelNarrow”            “$l10n_configuration_valueTwinWheelsBack”            “$l10n_configuration_valueTwinWheelsAll”

icon=“$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_wheel_broad.png”         “$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_wheel_track.png”         “$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_wheel_weight.png”         “$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_wheel_thinTwin.png”         “$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_wheel_thin.png”         “$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_wheel_twin.png”

<wheels autoRotateBackSpeed="" ackermannSteeringIndex="" >

autoRotateBackSpeed=“Speed the wheel returns to it's standard rotationackermannSteeringIndex=“Used on wide wheels as a rotation offset (Usually 2)

<wheel rotSpeed="" restLoad="" repr="" driveNode="" forcePointRatio="" filename="" isLeft=""                       initialCompression="" suspTravel="" spring="" damper="" hasTireTracks="" hasParticles="" fenderNode="" fenderRotMax="" />



<wheel rotSpeed=“” restLoad=“” repr=“”                           forcePointRatio=“” filename=“” isLeft=“” configIndex=“” initialCompression=“” suspTravel=“” spring=“” damper=“” hasTireTracks=“” hasParticles=“” />[/code]

rotSpeed=“Speed of wheel rotation (Usually 0-1)repr=“Node to the wheels main joint transform groupdriveNode=“Child of the wheels main transform for rotating wheels onlyfilename=“file path to the XML of the desired wheel from ingameisLeft=“Boolean defining the location of the wheelinitialCompression=“The standard compression of the tyresuspTravel=“The movement limit available in the tire when suspension is actingspring=“Rebound of the wheel when suspension is actingdamper=“Sets the smoothness of the vehicles movement by allowing the tyres to suspend the vehiclehasTireTracks=“Boolean that decides whether the tyre creates tracks on the ground following it's path or nothasParticles=“Boolean defining if the tyre creates particles over certain terrain typesfenderNode=“Node of the wheel's rotating fenderfenderRotMax/fenderRotMin=“Limits the rotation of the fender against the rotation of the wheel to avoid conflict with the tractor for the left/right wheel respectively

 <objectChange node="" translationActive="" />

node=“Node of the collison of the wheel that is adjusted to suit wider wheels[/rb]” translationActive=“X Y Z change in translation on each axis to adjust the position of the dynamically loaded tyres if wider than standard [code]</wheelConfiguration>[/code] [code]</wheelConfigurations>[/code] [hr] Rim Options: [code]<rimColorConfigurations useDefaultColors=”“ price=”“ icon=”“>[/code] [code]<rimColorConfiguration color=”“ />[/code] useDefaultColours=”Boolean to state if the mod uses the colours on the wheel's texture as default or noticon=“$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_rimColor.png” colour=”Uses values (I'm not sure what type of colour values these are) to define the colour of the individual configurationNote that the price and icon attributes can be defined in each individual configuration or the set of configurations [code]<colorNode node=”“ />[/code] node=”The node of the wheels transform in the I3D“ [code]</rimColorConfigurations>[/code] [hr] Input Attacher Options: [code]<inputAttacherJointConfigurations>        <inputAttacherJointConfiguration name=”“ price=”“>[/code] name=“$l10n_configuration_inputAttacher3Point”            ”$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherWheelLoader“            ”$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherSkidSteer“            ”$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherFrontLoader“            ”$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherTelehandler“ [code]<inputAttacherJoint index=”“ topReferenceNode=”“ jointType=”“ isControllable=”“ lowerRotLimitScale=”“ lowerDistanceToGround=”“ upperRotLimitScale=”“ lowerTransLimitScale=”“ upperTransLimitScale=”“ upperDistanceToGround=”“ upperRotationOffset=”“ />[/code] index=”Index of the attacher jointtopReferenceNode=”Reference to the top node of the attacher joint3-Point Only jointType=“implement”                  ”wheelLoader“                  ”skidSteer“                  ”frontLoader“                  ”telehandler“ isControllable=”Boolean deciding if the attacher type allows mouse control (mostly designed for 3-point implements that can't be moved otherwiselowerRotLimitScale=”X Y Z lowest limit on rotation(Mostly 0 0 0)3-Point Onky lowerDistanceToGround=”Distance that the bottom attacher lowers from the lifted position*3-Point Only upperRotLimitScale=”X Y Z highest limit on rotation (Mostly 0 0 0)3-Point Only lowerTransLimitScale=”X Y Z lowest limit on the implement translation3-Point Only upperTransLimitScale=”X Y Z highest limit on implement translation3-Point Only upperDistanceToGround=”Distance of the attacher joint to the ground when lifted*[/b]“ 3-Point Only upperRotationOffset=”Offset placed on the rotation of the upper attacher3-Point Only

Please note that I'm not positive on what all the parameters do but I've written what I can figure out. However they are all the same as any implement meaning I'm sure there is more information out there on them specifically

<objectChange node="" visibilityActive=""  visibilityInactive=""/>

node=”Node of the model for the selected attacher jointvisibilityActive=”Boolean to decide if the object node sets the object to be visible or notvisibilityInactive=”Boolean to decide if the object node sets the object to be invisible or not


As a note, if the attacher type isn't a 3-Point attacher, the only parameters needed in the <inputAttacherJoint  /> section are index and jointType


Front Loader Options:


       <frontloaderConfiguration name=”“ price=”“ >[/code]

name=“$l10n_ui_no”            ”$l10n_ui_yes“

<objectChange node="" visibilityActive="" visibilityInactive=""/>

node=”The node of the front loader blockvisibilityActive=”Boolean to set if the front loader block is visible or notvisibilityInactive=”Boolean setting if the object is invisible or not

<attacherJoint index="" jointType="attachableFrontloader" upperRotation="" lowerRotation="" lowerTransLimit="" lowerRotLimit="" moveTime="" >

index=”The node of the front loader attacher jointupperRotation=”X Y Z Set upper rotation of the attacher joint (Usually 0 0 0 )lowerRotation=”X Y Z Set lower attacher joint rotation (Usually 0 0 0 )lowerTransLimit=”X Y Z Smallest amount of translation with the attacher (Usually 0 0 0 )lowerRotLimit=”X Y Z Sets a limit of the lowering rotation to avoid model collisions (Usually 0 0 0 )moveTime=”Speed of the attacher joint rotation

<schema position="0 0.4" rotation="0" invertX="true" />

The general front loader setup involves having two configurations with a yes/no option which needs the objects involved setting on or off depending on which option is chosen


Design Options:


                 <designConfiguration name=”“ price=”“ icon=”“> [/code]

name=“$l10n_configuration_valueDefault”            ”$l10n_[…]“

This is a good point to introduce how you would add a custom design option, and it's fairly simple.

This next section takes place in the Moddesc.xml

<text name=""><en></en><de></de></text>

name=”Name of the XML link to the vehicle.xml (the text that takes the place of the […] section above)

The sections following are the text that is displayed in the actual UI in store e.g if a tractor mod had multiple weights as a design option, the name=”“ section might have names like weight1,weight2 ect. and the text tags would might have 800kg Weight, 1000kg Weight.


The following takes place back in the vehicle.xml

icon=”File path for the icon displayed in store to show what the option does

<objectChange node="" visibilityActive="" visibilityInactive=""/>

node=”Node for the object being added/removed with the customisationvisibilityActive=”Boolean to state if the object is visible or notvisibilityInactive=”Boolean to define if the object is invisible or not




Original Author: Chocolatecake2001 | Date: October 31, 2016

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