Tips for 1:1 scale, to you scalers out there!

Game Version: Giants 4.1.7 upwards
Programs required: 3D Modelling Program | Giant's Editor | Notepad / Notepad++

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Starting your Mods off in the right direction, by getting the scale correct first.
I am a rigid 1:1 fanatic, and as i see an increasing number of “rescaled” mods out there, here are a few tips from an old dog. Some of you may know me from my rescaling days, and from my shortstint at FMC as it were.

Tractor scaling: What you want to get right from the get go, is the right diameter and width of the wheels. Since Giants use Trelleborg wheels, which are pretty damn near 1:1 this should not pose a significant issue. With the wheels being the four corners of the tractor it's easy to judge the look of the thing once these are spot on. Since the dimensions are visible as well nowadays, i am not one of those let's make 650 wheels 900 wide type of guys. But whatever floats your boat. For the correct rolling diameter of wheels for each and every dimension, i suggest this site:

Wheel Dimensions

Now, once the wheels are right, check your specific tractor's dimensions. What you should be looking for is wheelbase, track width front and rear, and then finally overall height This site provides the measures for most tractors:

Tractor Measurements

To measure all these measurements….. use this mod, and import it into giants while your fiddling about. It makes it easy to get pretty darn close to the real ting:

Graduated Ruler for FS2013

Now this should be a good start for all of you hobby-rescalers out there, whether you intend to release a mod, or keep it for your own amusement.

Quote from Russ

  I just want to point out the obvious for people.
  1 unit in game/maya = 1 meter.
  If you make one transformgroup at "0,0,0" and one at "0,1,0" they will be 1 meter apart vertically.
  So a box made in Maya which is 1x1x1 and exported into GE at a scale of 1,1,1 should be 1m3.
  I say should because, if you've messed with your default settings or units in Maya then it won't be.
  It's important to set the units correctly in your 3d modelling program, and apps such as Maya have tape
  measures in them for checking reference measurements.

Original Author: STIANBY | Date: March 14, 2016

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