How To Convert SKP! to I3D w/ Video

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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Here i will help all those in last desperation, of the most frequently asked problem! How to convert SKP to I3D i recommend reading the information below and THEN watch the video.

Right then let’s start!

1–>First to start open up your skp file with Google skecthup of course and make sure that your model is on the axis as when it is in GE the axis will be where you left it in Google skecthup.

2–> right now you have got it in GS you need to go to File/Export/3D Model and then when you save it you must first save it with NO spaces and that it is easy accessible ,i recommend the desktop.

3–> now you should have a .DAE file on your desktop along with a texture folder, now you should open blender and delete the Cube that come as default by pressing Delete and then enter. Now that you have a blank view click on File/import/Collada 1.4  and then you get the view change ,next select the … at the end of the directory and then click on the two arrows and select desktop then locate your .dae file and click import dae.

4–>now you should have the original view maybe with a model in your veiw, if so you will need to now click File/Export/giants i3d and then you should get a similar window as the import, now do the same as before locate the desktop and then click the export i3d now close blender and you should have a i3d file on your desktop if not repeat the above and with no luck after that please reply to this topic and i will try to help you.

5–>so now open the i3d file with notepad or notepad++ ,at the top you should have some materials ,with a part that says assets ,just delete the assets/ and save and close ,once that is done move the i3d into the texture folder on your desktop and voilà

6–>if the model is not quite right when open in GE just open the attributes menu in windows tab at the top now select the model and then decrees the numbers on the right where it states 'scale' from 1 to maybe 0.5? On each one

If you need any more help just reply back to this topic and I will try my best to help you ,now after that watch the video below to revise the technique of converting . YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

New Video Here How to SKP To I3D Spoken Tutorial

Many happy wishes to you all and hope this helps everyone


Please Read

How To Install the I3D exporter for Latest Blender Version.

Im sorry for not being clear but you need to install the exporter , it can be found in your game directory -

C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 2011\sdk

In there you have one called “blender_i3d_export_4.1.5” extract its content and then open the folder , in there you will find the script plugin, its called “”.No move it to this directory for windows 7

C:\Users\[Yourname]y\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

and then restart blender and your done , thats for the new version .

If you have any problems at all such as other older versions of windows or even mac or linux then ask for the directories but all should stand pretty similar apart from XP

Adding Collisions-

to make an object have a collision open the attributes tab in GE and check the ridged body check box and make sure the collision mask is ff not fff or any other standing

Thanks and enjoy

Original Author: H-P-J3000 | Date: September 19, 2010

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