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Game Version: FS15 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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About the mod This is more of a tool then a mod that does not work without the users input if you just add a sign you will get errors & your map will not pass the testing stage if you should want to upload it. It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map. This mod lets you add your own custom road signs that you have made using a image editing program, your sign can be of any size and of any shape. You do not need to do any hardcoding unless you need one sign layout that has more then 16 signs. You can still do this without doing any coding by using 2 sign packs. You use the Giants editor to place your sign & to arrange the layout by adding and resizing the poles and signs. This is not a in game place able it is for map designers Here is one on many signs I have made while testing the mod. This one has been weathered, has mud splats & been graffiti added. Also one showing a doughnut shape sign with a hole in the middle.


Here is what you need

A program that lets you make and edit images like Gimp

Goggle street view to find the sign you want to copy

PDF download of 'Know your traffic signs' Crown copyright

The font named 'transport' (goggle it) there are a few different types but they all look the same find the copyright free one

If you really what over the top information traffic signs manual this tells you what size your signs should be.

You now have images of all of the different road signs and symbols that they display & there colours. You also have the same font style that is used to make the road signs.

Find all of the parts from the signs that you need to make your sign take screen shots and edit them to make the sign you are coping use the font to do the wording.

You also set the shape of the sign now by using the transparent tool, any part of the image that you make transparent will not show in game.

Tip. Bigger is better, zoom in as far as you can when taking the screen shots. It's better to scale down a large image then to scale up a small image. Your sign in game is only going to look as good as you the image you have made

What the mod download contains

4 premade sign layouts It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map. You get 4 premade sign layouts these should cater for most users needs. The templates are not locked you are free to move any part you can also add or remove poles and resize them, the signs you can remove and resize adding can be done but needs some skill. But there is a sign pack for you to do this. Each sign has 2 faces each face has its own image that you design. The signs with the blue background are the templates the others are what I have made while testing the mod using the templates that they are next to. Double sign means back to back with the pole between the two signs.


Sign pack It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map. This is for users that wish to make a layout with more signs and poles with this pack you can make a layout that has up to 16 signs. You add your own design to each sign and on both faces of each sign 32 images in total if you use all 16 signs, each sign can have its own shape and size. Every part in the pack can be moved where ever you like you have total freedom there is no static sign layout that you should not be able to make. when using the pack you can add as many poles as you like and remove how ever many poles and signs you want. But you can not add anymore then 16 signs to 1 layout using the pack. Here is a list of the default items that are in the sign pack (1 pack is used to make 1 layout)

1x pole 0.5m 1x pole 1m 1x pole 2m 1x pole 3m 1x pole 4m 1x pole 5m 16x premade double sided signs listed below each side can have its image changed 1x 1mx1m round 1x 1mx2m left arrow 1x 1mx2m right arrow 5x 1mx1m 5x 1mx2m 1x 2mx2m 1x 3mx3m 1x 2mx3m

Again just because there is a sign above named 1mx2m you can resize it to what ever size you like. I just made a mixture so you can see that it does work.

Here are 3 images one showing what the pack looks like when you first add it to your map, one showing it unpacked ready for you to start making your own layout & the last showing a quick sign layout I made up so you can see the signs can point in any direction. With many poles. You build the layout using the Giants editor you can build the layout on your map where you want it to be placed. Or anywhere then move it as a whole layout when you have finished.

[table][tr][td]gallery.fs-uk.com_179379_07_04_15_4_43_10.jpeg[/td][td]gallery.fs-uk.com_179379_07_04_15_4_43_23.jpeg[/td][/tr][/table] gallery.fs-uk.com_179379_07_04_15_4_43_00.jpeg

Single parts It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map. This is just one of each of the parts that make up the mod.

Example signs It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map. The finished signs that are displayed in the above images, they can be placed on a map so you can see that the signs can be made with this mod.

How to make the sign image and how to set the shape

Image format

It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map. You will already have seen the above massage and you will see it again. So why is the message been shown so many times?

This mod would have failed the FS-UK testing if this was just a mod but as its a tool to make signs (It might pass it might still fail so will edit this) but only if this warning is displayed.

All the images in this mod are saved as a .PNG format it is not good design practice to use .PNG image files in mods as it brings up errors within the game log files and in multiplayer. You must use the .dds format for all of your final images. You can download the image program Gimp to do this and its free.

So why have I used the .PNG format? The way I look at it is .PNG is for designing images and .dds is used for programs that use the image you have designed. .PNG windows will show you a thumbnail of the image it does not with .dds If I have a layout with 8 signs (16 images 2×8 faces) I would like to be able to see what one needs changing. .PNG some image programs (the one I use) save the image layers so you can edit your image easier if needed .dds does not.

Bottom line is you use .PNG images your map will not get uploaded & FS-UK are not going to be happy with me for wasting there time. So please change all of your .PNG images to the .dds format when you are happy with your sign.

I am not going to show you how to make YOUR sign that's down to you. I will also not show you how to use your art program use goggle to learn. This is a tutorial about how to use this mod not on how to use a image program. Below is all the help I will give you on the design of YOUR sign.

When you have made your sign image

You have a sign you have made, you are happy with it, you are happy with the size and shape yes? Good Now save your work as a .PNG anywhere any name this is your master copy and you are going to need it later.

You now have a back up master copy and you still have a copy of your sign open in the image program.

Time to resize your image as a square the sizes you can use are 64, 128, 256, 512 I use 256 for the single pole signs and 512 for the larger signs for roundabouts. Scaling down a large image is better then to scaling up a small image.

You now have a image that's 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 or 512×512

Save your image as a .PNG overwriting a image file that is already present in the mod. for example if you was using the 'single_sign_double_pole_2m' template there are 2 image files 'sign' & 'back_of_sign' if you are making the information side of the sign then you need to overwrite the 'sign' image keeping the name the same. You now need to make the back of the sign this is normally just grey but make sure you make it the same shape as the front. Following the same steps as you did with the front. Save this as a .PNG overwriting the 'back_of_sign' image file. It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map.

If you now click on the image file 'sign' you should see a thumbnail image of the design you have just made same as the 'back_of_sign' image. This is why I use .PNG images at this stage and not .dds If the images are not the ones you have made then you have not saved your image in the right place.

Now open the master copy of your image using your image program and keep it open you are going to need it soon.

Resizing your sign image in Giants editor

Still using the 'single_sign_double_pole_2m' template as a example. In the folder you will also see a i3D file named 'single_sign_double_pole_2m' Open the file with the Giants editor you should now see your sign image displayed it will not be showing at the correct scale but it will be showing. Look at the back of the sign to make sure that image is showing as well.

Now you need to make the sign image look the same as your master copy. Still in the Giants editor under 'Scenegraph'  click on 'single_sign_double_pole_2m' to expand the files (see image below green box) click on 'sign' now under 'Transform' red box in the image you want scale X and scale Z number 2 = 2m in real scale size.

To get your image looking like your master copy first you need to decide how long in real scale your sign is. For this example I am going to stick with 2m.

Go back to your master copy in the image program and click on the option that lets you resize your image make sure 'constrain proportions' is ticked, again for this example only change the left to right dimensions to 2000 = 2m the up and down number should now have changed. Go back to the Giants editor and put this number in the Z box if the number is below 999 then you will put 0.999 in real scale this would = 99cm 9mm Your sign in the Giants editor should now look the same as the master copy.

Add the same numbers in X and Z for the 'back_of_sign' image.

Save and close the editor.


In game testing

Add the sign to your map using the Giants editor place it somewhere near you your spawn point. Save and load the game to test the sign out in game. Everything should be working fine. Delete the mod from your map as you are going to rename the path and it will stop it from working.

Finishing up

Copy the whole folder that your sign is in \Any sign Any size Any Shape\single_sign_double_pole_2m ««< folder for this example. Rename it what every you like, I would name this one 'Lorries_limit' Now move it to where you keep the working mods for your map.

You can then reuse the original folder for your next sign over writing your last signs images.  

*It is important that you change all image files to the .dds format before you add your finished sign to the map.*

Now convert all of the .PNG images that are within that folder to .dds format keep the image name the same then delete all .PNG images.

Use Gimp to covert the files to .dds using the setting in the image below.


What might happen when you do this is the image on the sign is upside down back to front. To fix this open the .dds image in your image program and flip the image horizontal or vertical to look the same as it does in the editor save it as a .dds now it should look correct.

One last test open your signs i3D file look at the 'Scripting' window and it should be error free.

Original Author: Dorset | Date: April 07, 2015

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