How to separate/delete parts of a solid model

Game Version: FS13 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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Today I'm going to be continuing my beginners modding tutorials by explaining how to import an object from a mod into Blender and after how to separate/delete a part from this imported object and getting it back into Giants Editor.

For this Tutorial I will be using the JCB telehandler released by Petorius

As usual I will be using Blender as a model editor as well, any 3D Modelling program would be suitable though.


Step 1

Open the mod you want to edit in GE and, as always, create a new camera to start off with.

Find the part of the object you are looking to remove. Bear in mind that only objects (signified with a blue box in the Giants Editor Scenegraph) will work when imported into Blender so there's no point trying to export a transform group.

Go to the File drop-down menu and select 'Export selection with files'. When on the File Explorer menu, remember to set the export type as OBJ rather than I3D.

Step 2

Open Blender and go to the File drop-down menu and select 'Import' and 'Wavefront OBJ'

You now will most likely not see anything in the viewport, this is because the scale of the object is too large to be visable. If you want, you can zoom out and see the model in it's imported form.

To get the object into it's normal size though, the scale size needs to be changed from 1 to 0.01 in the right hand tool panel.

Now you need to add the textures to the model to avoid any UV issues.First toggle into edit mode and select all (A). I will assume you know how to get into the image editor of your chosen modeling program for this tutorial. In the image panel got to the 'Image' pop-up menu and selet 'Open Image'

Find the texture file for the mod and open it. Then you need to select the drop down menu next to the 'UV' menu in the image panel and choose the opened texture.

You can now toggle out of edit mode and put the model into texture view.

Now toggle back into edit mode and select what you want to separate/delete. Once you have done so, open the seperate menu (P) and select the 'Selection' option.

This will now leave the model with two separate parts but still being assigned to the same texture.

Next go to the File drop-down menu again and choose 'Export', 'GIANTS I3D'

Step 3 Return to Giants Editor and Import the saved I3D file with the now separated objects.

Find the same object which you exported back in Step 1 ready to replace with the new object. Go into the Edit drop-down menu and select the 'Recplace' function (CTRL+W).

Then select the imported version of the same object and choose the second 'Load' option in the 'Replace' window. All the tick boxes in the window need to be selected as well.

Finally you need to assign the textures back to the mod in the Material Editing panel, going down the list of all the different mod textures needed.

You also have a choice with the part of the mod which is now separated from the main object. To keep the object select it and then copy it (CTRL+C) and paste it into the mod's root object/transform group (CTRL+V)

To delete it, like I have done with the JCB, select it and then use the (CTRL+X) key binding.


Hopefully this tutorial can be of use to beginners. I find often that there are parts of a mod that you want to remove or move but are part of a solid object so I hope this helps those who also do.

Any questions/ improvements for the tutorial can happily be placed below.


Original Author: Chocolatecake2001 | Date: January 06, 2016

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