Making real terrain using ordnance survey/satellite map & a satellite PDA image

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make real terrain hills using data from a ordnance survey map, marking out fields/roads ect using satellite map data & adding a satellite map image PDA. Everything above I have used in map making with no problems. Step one

Download and install this mod 'Map Guide Pack'

Step two

Set your screen resolution to 1920×1080

Go to Bling maps Keeping the menu box that is to the left of the page open (Blue box in image 1) as this will help you judge what you can fit into your map.

In satellite view find the location that you wish to model and zoom in to 250m scale (Yellow box in image 1) The pink box (image 1) you can see the size of area that you will be able to fit into a 2kmx2km map size (664×664 pixels) Take a screen shot by pressing 'PrtScn' key on your keyboard. This image will be used for the map PDA view and also used to mark out the placement of fields and roads in the Giants editor. Open your image editing program & paste the image over to it.

Next without moving the map change the view mode to 'Ordnance Survey Map' (Red box in image below) Take a screen shot by pressing 'PrtScn' key on your keyboard. This image will be used to make the hills in Giants editor Again paste the image into your image editing program.

You now have two images open in your image program one satellite image & one ordnance survey map image both are the same size and of the same location The image size of the area that you will be able to fit into the standard size 2kmx2km map is 664×664 pixels. «« This determines the scale of the map, if you think the scale is out when you test it in game then this is the figure you need to change, above 664 will make the fields smaller below will make the fields larger in game.

Clicking on any images will make them larger

image 1 [img width=128][/img]

image 2 [img width=128][/img]

Using your image editing program crop both images down to 664×664 you now have a real life area of 2mkx2km to use in the Giants editor. Make sure both images are cropped at the same point as they both need to show the same area with in.

[img width=128][/img]

[img width=128][/img]

Next enlarge both images to 1024×1024 then save both images as a PNG & name one 'base_01' (satellite image) & the other 'base_02' (ordnance survey image) over writing the files that are found in the 'map_guide' mod you installed at the start.

[img width=128][/img]

You can now close the image editing program

Step three

Open a map within Giants editor.

If you are new to map making you might what to start with this map 'my blank starter map' tip if using this map. when in the editor under 'Scenegraph' click on 'allYouNeed' and change Translate Y to -1000 this will move everything out of your way. I will be uploading a starter map in good time.

Import Map_Guide_01 (the satellite image) into the editor click on it change the settings as listed below Translate X=0 z=0 (y needs to = just above ground level so the image is just on top of the ground with in the editor if you are using the map I link to then this will be 83) scale x=5.2 y=1 z=5.2 Rigid body (ticked) The whole image should now be covering all of the map area Save the map

What you should see in the editor, don't worry about the image having the green ground texture flashing within the image its because its at the same level as the ground and the editor does not like it. [img width=128][/img]

You now want to test the image to see if you are happy with the scale to do this you need to test in game & dive on the image along the roads. Start Farming Simulator and give it a test in game.

What you should see in game [img width=128][/img]

If your happy then test the second image you made 'base_02' (ordnance survey image) within the editor following the same steps as for the first image just to make sure its displaying fine. You do not need to test this one in game.

If you think the scale is out then you need to go back to where you cropped the image down to 664×664 and adjust and follow the steps below again, but you will need to also adjust the ordnance survey image as well both need to be cropped to the same size. Its hard to judge the correct scale even when using what should be the right scale it can still look off. 664×664 might be to small you are going to have to test it and see what you think looks right for you.

At this point you should now have two images 1. Satellite map (named base_01) 2. Ordnance survey (named base_02) both 1024×1024 in a png format that have replaced the two same named image files that are in the 'Map Guide Pack' mod

You have also tested the Satellite map image in game and are happy with the scale by driving along the roads ect.

Step four.

To make the satellite map PDA open the image file that you named 'base_01' this has the satellite map image. Resize it to 2048×2048 and save it as a .dds file named 'pda_map You then need to replace your new image file with the old if you are using the map I linked to then this file can be seen in the image below.

[img width=128][/img]

Load up the game and now you will see your satellite map in the PDA. If you still have the satellite map image showing on the ground in game you will see they both match up 100% with each other.

[img width=128][/img]

You might have to flip one of the images vertically.

Step Five


In this guide I have shown you the basic way.

The above way you end up with a low resolution PDA image if you want it higher then use goggle maps and zoom in more then 250m. You are going to need to take lots of screen shots to cover the same area as the one taken above, you will then need to join them all together to make one large high resolution image and save it as 2048×2048 with out needing to in large it from 664×664 to 2048×2048. This is what I have done in the past but it is to much to explain in this basic tutorial.

If you are using a larger map 4kmx4km you are going to need to do everything 4 times over here is a image of the files used in my map.

[img width=128][/img]

The good thing with using satellite map images is you can remove and add woods/farms/fields even whole towns if it makes the end map more fun to play. In this image I spent 10 minutes to remove a manor house that adds little to the game play and replaced it with a large farm that would add more to the game play. Very few people would even know you had changed the real location.

[img width=128][/img]

Coming soon I am working on it now. (adding the hills)

Anything that's not clear above please say so as I am no expert at making tutorials

Forum mods please be patient I understand this is not complete but it will be.

You can start on the above as I am posting this in order.

Original Author: Dorset | Date: March 29, 2015

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