How To Add Paintable Trees To Maps

Game Version: FS13 and later
GE Version: 5.x and later

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In this tutorial you will learn how to add paint able trees to your map

First you need to open the map01i3d file with Notepad++ or a similar program. Next you will need to insert the following two lines below into the map01.i3d. At the top of the .i3d you will see a section named as <Files> Copy and paste the two lines into that section and it should look like the following in the picture Below (These are for the texture path of the Paintable trees)

<File fileId="3050" filename="map01/treesNadel2_density.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="3070" filename="textures/foliage/foliage_treesNadel2_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>

Now you need to search for the <Materials> section it should just be below the <Files> area. You now need to copy the following and paste it in that Section

<Material name="foliage_treesNadel2_mat" materialId="3060" ambientColor="1.5 1.5 1.5" customShaderId="355">
<Texture fileId="3070"/>
<CustomParameter name="fadeStartEnd" value="225 300 0 0"/>

Now you will have to look for the following yours might be different <File fileId=“86” filename=“shaders/solidFoliageShader.xml” relativePath=“true”/> you will find this in the <Files> Section near the top. Now you will have to get the file-id of the following line In my case its 86 for me,

Now go back down to where you inserted the Lines in the Material Section and look for the customShaderId=“86”> And type in the number you got from the SolidFoliageShader and insert it in their

It Should now look like the following below.

The Following below needs to be inserted in the </FoliageMultiLayer> at the bottom If you use the search function a search for FoliageMultiLayer you will find it easily.

<FoliageMultiLayer densityMapId="3050" numChannels="1" numTypeIndexChannels="0">
      <FoliageSubLayer name="treesTanne2" numDensityMapChannels="1" materialId="3060" cellSize="8" viewDistance="300" terrainOffset="-0.8" objectMask="65520" atlasSize="2" numBlocksPerUnit="0.25" width="10.5" height="10.5" widthVariance="0.1" heightVariance="3" horizontalPositionVariance="5"/>

Once you have done that it should now look like this

You now can save and exit from The map01.i3d as you are done in their

Download the following link provided. You will need to Extract from the Paintabletrees.Zip in order to get the texture files.

Once you have done that Go in to the Move To Map01 Located at User>Map Name Here>Map>map01 Folder and copy the GRLE File and paste it in your map01 folder belonging to your map.

Next you need to also need to copy the file which will be in the folder Move to Textures-Foliage Folder and you will need to paste this in your Foliage Folder User>Map Name Here>Map>Textures>Foliage.

Once you have done all of the following you can now go into GE (Giants Editor) and you should be able to paint on some Trees!

Original Author: SEAN6920S | Date: March 13, 2014

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