How to create multiple waterplanes

Game Version: FS15 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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After fighting with waterplanes in giants editor i've decided to share some map modding knowledge, as it took me whole 2 days to figure this out.

When creating multiple waterplanes i've encountered an issue shown on picture

As you can see not all water is rendered (waves, in particular), even though it looks like it covers all the pond in giants editor

To have proper waterplanes in your map you may create as many waterplanes as you want, but only the first in scenegraph will take the userattribute

onCreate Environment.onCreateWater

(thanks to ccs101 for tis tip)

This will create underwater “fog”, so the water looks muddy, you can play with fog color and density in waterplane i3d file. Note that fog is created once for all map, not only under waterplane that has attribute. Also this fog creates a trigger, under which you go your tractor would become drowned.

But now back to picture. To have ALL water renderd, you need to find three files, which will “draw” water when map is loaded. They are as following:

map01.i3d.dbm.waterPlaneLumberyard.png map01.i3d.dbm.waterPlaneMain.png map01.i3d.dbm.waterPlaneOcean.png

Each stands for waterplane you exported from original bjornholm map.

So if you have multiple waterplanes, when you save map in giants editor, it will take a random waterplane of that kind (i'm not really sure here, it can be first, last, or any middle one) and draw that picture. white is “drawn” part. So when you are done and saved a map in GE, open that file in or any other editor, select a small white piece (make sure it's all white) and expand it to the whole picture, so it all becomes white.

That's how I finally got all my waterplanes get rendered in game. Yay!

Original Author: Pandominium | Date: December 08, 2014

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