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Game Version: FS13 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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This is a basic map making tutorial that explains how to move an animal zone for a mod map using the Giant's editor.

Hi,  this basic modding tutorial shows how to move an animal zone on a mod map using the Giants Editor.  It is for FS2015, but the procedure is the same for previous versions also.  In my example I will move the cow zone's navigation mesh.  I will use a mod of the Westbridge Hills map for FS2015.  Throughout this tutorial I will use screenshots from the editor. For clarity I will highlight what am trying to explain with red arrows or boxes added to the screehshot.

The first step is to remove the existing nav mesh for the cow zone.  With the cow zone centered in the 3D viewport enter terrain info layer paint mode by selecting the blue icon from the tool bar.


In the terrain editing window scroll down to the info layer painting section.  Select the appropriate info channel for the animal type.  Only one info channel should be selected.  

Info Channel:  	Cows  		0
		                  Sheep 		  1
		                  Chickens	  2 

In  the 3D viewport the info layer for that channel (cows in this example) will be shown in white.  To remove the info layer use the subtract function.  By default this is the right mouse button (RMB).  Press and hold the RMB while moving the cursor over the info layer area .  


It is important to remove all of the info layer.  You will be unable to recreate the nav mesh at another location if there is any existing info layer at the old location.  For this reason I do not have the navigation mesh visible at this stage.  The blue of the nav mesh makes it hard to see the white info layer under it.  I will show how to make the nav mesh visible later in the tutorial.

Now the info layer can be painted at the new location.  Use the add function to paint the info layer (default LMB).  In the figure below I am using a square brush to help conform to the rectangular pasture.   The info layer uses small squares, but the jagged edges will be smoothed out when the nav mesh is recreated.


When the info layer is all painted the nav mesh can be recreated.  First select the nav mesh in the scenegraph.  In this case that is the CowNavMesh within the cowsHusbandry transform.  Then go to the Create menu and select Navigation Mesh.


The build navigation mesh window will open.  Enter a value in the agent radius field for the animal type.

Radius Value: 	Cows		1.2
		                  Sheep		  0.7
		                  Chickens	  0.15

In the fields for shape build mask and culling info layer channels select the channel for the animal type (0 for cows).  To do this select the ellipse (….) and in the dialog box select clear then check the appropriate channel.  Then select Recreate which is the middle button at the bottom of the window.


Make the navigation meshes visible to verify that the nav mesh is how you want it.  From the View select Show and Navigation Meshes.


The nav mesh will be blue in the 3D viewport.  You can deselect info layer paint mode so the white info layer is not visible.  All of the animal types nav meshes will be visible.


If there are buildings or objects within the nav mesh you can paint the info layer around them to keep the animals from walking through them.  You can also use the shape build mask so that the editor will automatically avoid the building.  To do this select the building or object.  In the attributes window shapes tab set the value for the build nav mesh mask field to the animal type.  Below is a screenshot for a chicken coop.  Note that the channel 2 is selected, which is the info channel for chickens.


If your pasture is on steep terrain you may find that the animals are walking in the air or through the ground.  This is due to the max climb and the slope limit for the nav mesh.  These values can be adjusted when the nav mesh is recreated.  Keep the values reasonable.  If the slope limit is too high the animals can climb building walls.


The last tip I have is to not make the area of the navigation mesh too large.  Large nav meshes require a lot of computer memory to generate.  This will have a negative effect on game performance.  I found that point in the book “Farming Simulator Modding for Dummies”.  Which brings me to the credits.  

Farmer Yip's video tutorials on YouTube
Farming Simulator Modding for Dummies
FS-UK tutorials and knowledge base
Giants Software: Editor

Original Author: Hoot | Date: May 20, 2016

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