Re-Size your map

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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1) Extract map 2) Go into map01 folder>double the size of all .PNG files(the map01_dem.png says 1025×1025, make it 2049×2049 or it will crash,) they png textures are at 1024×1024 right now, change them to 2048×2048, 4096 is not advisable. So double the original size. Do this with a paint/graphics editor program, All sizes have to be a power of 2 or a 1/4.

3) for a small map use 512×512 (map01_dem.png +1, so 513×513 and map01_sat.png 256×256) Also DO NOTE that when you save your .png files make sure they are being saved as an 8bit png file.

As for world boundaries, you will have to scale it or delete it.

Remember go here to adjust your PDA Map.

PDA maps do not work for double or larger sized maps. But do for original and smaller

After all edits are made, zip your map files back up and put in mods folder.

map01_dem should be 2049×2049 for 4x maps as in power of 2+1 so 1025 from 1x size is 1024 like rest of png-files and +1 to make 1025. 2x size is 4096 and +1 to be 4097. 4x size is 8192 I would advise against to use until Giants fix gameengine to run properly.

NOTE ** DO NOT USE PAINT.NET! It does not work for some reason.

Original Author: Sniper214 and E.R101 | Date: March 19, 2011

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