LUA/FS API plugin for Notepad++

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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Hi everybody!

I've started using Notepad++ to script for FS again, and to make everything easier I decided to make a LUA/FS API-plugin for it.

I've implemented the GIANTS Engine functions that are specified in their documentation here: Scripting Documentation as well as Utils and stuff from here: I have also added a few of the commonly used functions/variables that are not specified in any documentation, such as g_currentMission, InputBinding, addHelpText(), etc.

I can't take credit for the LUA API, the file I started with is from this blog: Retro Affect.

Place the lua.xml in Notepad++ “plugins\APIs” folder, most likely located at C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs or C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs.

To activate auto-complete and hints in Notepad++, go to: Settings → Preferences → Backup/Auto-Completion and check the two checkboxes Enable auto-completion on each input and Function parameters hint on input.

So here's the first version of the “API”, if I add more I will update this topic as my progress continues. Right-click and save link as.


If you find any issues or faults with it, please report them to me here or in a PM. And if you want to help out to add more stuff, let me know what you plan to add so we don't do double work.

Original Author: JoXXer | Date: December 15, 2012

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