Making a mod from a default item -- Part 3 -- making a custom modDesc

Game Version: FS13 to FS15
GE Version: ? and later

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[center] [table] [tr] [td][center]Making a mod from a default item – Part 3. – making a custom  ModDesc[/center][/td] [td][/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]This Tutorial has been written for FS11 and may not apply to previous versions.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]This Tutorial will show you basically step by step, taking a default item and converting it to a mod, allowing further custom editing.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]This Tutorial does not and will not cover converting an FS09 mod to FS11 – although it does have valuable information to help you do that, if you look for it. [/td] [/tr] [/table][/center] [hr]

Software required: [list] [li]Winzip, Jzip, 7zip or WinRar[/li] [li]Notepad++[/li] [li]Giants Editor[/li] [/list]

Knowledge required: [list] [li]able to use Windows Explorer (file manager) to move files to other folders[/li] [li]able to unzip zip files to a specific place[/li] [li]able to edit text (xml and lua) documents using Notepad++[/li] [li]able to edit an i3d to correct texture paths[/li] [li]able to load a mod into GE[/li] [/list]

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It is possible to recycle a modDesc from a similar downloaded mod.

However, I would recommend you use the modDesc from the sampleMod as your basis for every mod, as it will provide most all the options you need to edit and a standard format that will make it easier for you to edit future mods through familiarity.

See Making a mod from a default item – Part 2. above if necessary

Having copied the modDesc.xml from the (unzipped)

Open it up in Notepad++

The modDesc.xml from the sampleMod should look like this in Notepad++

Edit the text in the red square boxes as below to ingame the Joker6CT or as required for your mod.

It should end up looking similar to this:

You final folder structure and files should look like this:

You can now test your mod ingame, there is no need to zip your file for testing purposes, if you worked on your mod in another folder, then copy that folder to your mods folder.

As you can see, I worked on this mod entirely in my mods folder, so despite dire warnings, nothing fatal happened…

And we find it works perfectly ingame, with all the functions showing up in the F1 Help box and a nice frame rate showing no errors causing lag.

Also you can edit the price lower so as to be able to buy it from a new game if necessary - don't forget to edit the price back to something reasonable if you intend to upload…

The default price for this mod is 22000

Should it not show up in your Farm Store (ingame) or it does, but you cannot buy it, or if everything has turned to custard and nothing happens:

Check  your log.txt file for errors.

This can be found in the FarmingSimulator2011 folder in your My Games folder of  your (My) Documents folder.

If every thing is just peachy, then,

From this point you can start to edit your mod further.

For example either adding extra functions or animations, or reskinning it.


Maybe more to follow, like adding extra scripts and maybe basic reskinning information…

Original Author: sandgroper | Date: February 04, 2012

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