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How to add adStrip's

Game Version: Farming Simulator 2009 upwards
Programs required: Giants Editor 4.1.7 upwards | | adStrip | Mod of you choice

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This is a short tutorials for those of you wanting your name on you favourite machines!
I've been and seen this question asked so many times, so ask no more!

What will you need?
-GDN (Giant's Developer Network). You will need to register for downloads.
-Mod of you choice

This Tutorial was originally uploaded with pictures, but have since been remove? it should be still okay to follow without them

So lets start:

1. Download the adStrip and unzip! it to your desktop.

2. Open the unzipped folder and find the image file.

3. Open that and edit it to what you want, if you want a image on it copy and paste on to, but i'am going to use text.

4. Once you have done this save and close. And now unzip the mod you wish.

5. Move the adStrip folder to the mod folder.

6. Open the mod in GE and go to file import and look for the i3d file of the adStrip.

7. Once imported, cut and paste the adStrip to the mod.

8. Now the adStrip is part of the mod.

9. Move the adStrip to your desired postion.

10. Once you have done that save and close. If you moved the mod to your desktop to your desktop (like me) move it back to your mods folder.

There you have it! wasn't to difficult

For FS2013 and also FS2015 you will need to convert .png files to .dds files with the use of

*If you want to put one on the other side, just repeat the GE part, just duplicate it.*

Cheers tractormad

Original Author: tractormad | Date: March 24, 2013

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