Changing the time of grass re-growth

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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first of all you need to extract your map(im my case modsource map v5), it helps if you extract the map into a empty folder for ease of zipping it back together

you will will be presented with this in your folder, next you have to open the map01.i3d circled in red open the map01.i3d into notepad or notepad c++

next you need to search for the line you want to edit so you click on, search in the top left cornor then find and in the box that appears on screen search for foliagesublayer

then when you have searched for this, you need to find this part <FoliageSubLayer name=“grass”, then go all the way to the end of the line and yo will find this

growthStateTime=“1.8e+006”/> you need to change these numbers to edit the growth rate, im not exactly sure what the time scale is on this but i believe growthStateTime=“4.5e+007”/> will give 750minutes before the grass re-grows

once you have done this you then need to compress all the files into a zip folder place it back in the mods folder of ls11 then off you go :) REMEMBER all your friends have to have the exact same map for this to work in multiplayer so it may be best you send it them once you have done it hope there isnt already one and i didnt find it

and thanks to STAINBY for helping me to do this in the first place hope this helps claasjaguar870

EDIT just realised i didnt put this in tutorials and guides if  this is any good can one of the moderators move it there please

here are the times

500 milliseconds = 0,5 second 1000 ms = 1,0 second 10000 ms = 10 second 100000 ms = 1,66 minute 1000000 ms = 16,6 minute 2000000 ms = 33,3 minute 4000000 ms = 1,11 hour

15 minute = 900000 milliseconds 30 minute = 1800000 ms 45 minute = 2700000 ms 60 minute = 3600000 ms 75 minute = 4500000 ms 90 minute = 5400000 ms

18 hours = 64800000 milliseconds 24 hours = 86400000 milliseconds

Original Author: ClaasJaguar870 | Date: November 01, 2010

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