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-===== Template ​Intro =====+===== Intro =====
-Cu nec disputando interpretaris,​ an nam vidit aliquid fabulas! Everti elaboraret intellegam cum ei, stet repudiandae te sed, an eam tale lorem! Cu pri idque viris, an dicam dolorem vim.+Ever converted a vehicle only to find it wouldn'​t show up in Giants editor? Perhaps maybe you didn't convert it but it doesn'​t show up in giants editor? Here are some fixes I found
-His suscipit facilisis ea, ius et quaeque aliquid. Insolens eleifend qui te, eu nec tota porro?+===== Fix one =====
-===== Prep Work =====+Fix #1: This is a very basic fix but I am including it for the people who don't know...
-Harum nostrud ex mea. Vide eruditi inciderint ad quovix dicant possim tritani et! Eos inani summo dicam te. Sea tibique singulis an, ex has mentitum dignissim, ius modus utamur impedit ut.+Solution: Click the check box that says visibility in your editorThis will make the part show up
-  * One +===== Fix two =====
-  * Two +
-  * Three +
-  * Four +
-  * Five+
-Exerci impetus pri et, mel an putent nemoreQuas delenit legimus id mea, ne cum debitis epicuri.+Fix #2: If your tractor or other vehicle has the washable specialization and you converted this mod then the mod will not show up... As seen here...... This is most likely because the dirtshader.xml is outdated...  ​
-===== Full Details ===== 
-Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sed illud labitur nostrud ad, has no appareat sensibus temporibus? Malis dicit tollit ut pri, in vis postea tibique complectitur,​ eu pro nemore sententiae adipiscing? Ius id percipit necessitatibus, ​ 
-{{ :​ss_2016-10-12_at_12.58.10_.png?​200 |}} 
-Purto eruditi ullamcorper pri ut, ex has eirmod molestie efficianturVoluptatibus signiferumque vis te, eos ea possim oporteat accusataEam tincidunt adolescens ad, cu alia probo assentior duo? Qui velit nihil dissentias ne? Volumus inimicus inciderint sea eu, vix ex ipsum ubique.+Solution: Update the dirt shader.xmlTo do this you will need to get the new version by downloading a tractor or other vehicle that has the washable specialization.
 +Such as this one: http://​www.modbox.us/​farming-simulator-2013-mods/​2359-huerlimann-xl130-v3.html
 +Once you have a tractor or other vehicle with the washable specialization you should look for the dirtshader.xml. Most likely it will be located in the textures file or something similar if there is one. Once you have found the dirtshader.xml file you should copy it over the existing one in your vehicle which should also be under textures. Once this has been done your tractor or other vehicle should appear... Here is what mine looked like when I was done:
 +===== Fix three (Giants Editor 4.1.7 only) =====
 +Fix #3 (Only for GIants Editor 4.1.7): Your tractor or other vehicle may have the non-renderable option on like in this picture:
 +To make your vehicle re-appear uncheck the box next to where it says non-renderable...