GE-script: Spline_Placement

Game Version: FS17 and later
GE Version: 7 and later

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I have made some cosmetic changes to the script. It work the same as this video shows:

Original Thread:

Download link: Dropbox Install: Unzip and place at C:\Users\«Your Name»\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 7.1.0\scripts\ or any subfolder

Changes I made: - Multilanguage Support. Open main script and configure the line: local finalLanguage = “en” – ««««< setup your language here “en”, “es” or “de” are available - Merged files “Create template” and “Execute” files. - Parameters to configure script is now User Attributes (except distance table that is too long to configure on Attributes window).


- If no Transform Group is selected on sceneGraph, a new one called “GiveMeAName” will be created. This one can be renamed. All Childs shouldn't be renamed.

- If TG is selected, spline_Placement node is created as a child, as always.

- Create a spline by yourself at Create menu → spline. Modify its control points and then place the spline at a child of spline_placement node. Note: Giant Editor don't allow to edit a spline if it is inside a Transform Group.

- spline_Placement node is the one that has User Attributes defined. Forget the number between parentheses at the beginning, it is just to appear more intuitive ordered.

If you accidentally delete a User Attribute, just delete the first one “Object distance” and all user attributes will be recreated on this node.

User Attributtes preview:

Original Author: TracMax, Lepes | Date: 19 Oct 2017

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