Making a Mod Map from a Default Map (FS2015)

Game Version: FS15 and later
GE Version: 6.x and later

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Hi,  this is a very basic tutorial to start building your own map.  It describes how to create a mod map from a default map for Farming Simulator 2015.  The default maps (Bjornholm and Westbridge Hills) are in the FS2015 program's folder.  You can not edit them without breaking the game.  So you first need to create a mod map out of them.  Then you can then make changes and bring your new map into the game. If you are like me you will find that it is very rewarding to play Farming Simulator on a map that you have edited. 

If you want to start with a blank map instead I recommend a blank starter map from the FS-UK's mod's section. Here is an excellent one:

You will need a zip utility tool.  Windows 8 has a built in one.  I will use jZip on my Windows 7 desktop in this tutorial, but any other one will work.

Throughout this tutorial I will show the paths to the various files.  These are the default paths.  Your's may be different, so you may have to search for your installation folder.  I am using the 64 bit version also, but there is a 32 bit version.

You will need to install the Giants Editor.  The current one is 6.0.3.   To install it go to: C:/Program Files(x86)/Farming Simulator 2015/sdk (see image 1 below) Execute the application (double click on) “GIANTS_Editor_6.0.3_win64”. If you do not have this on your hard drive, go to the Giant's Developer Network and register.  Then you can download and install the latest editor.  Here is the link:

This is how I create the mod map.  There are other ways of course.  Go back to the sdk folder ( C:/Program Files(x86)/Farming Simulator 2015/sdk).  Right click on the zip file modMapSDK and select copy.  Then paste it onto your desktop.  If you prefer to work in another location then paste it there instead.

Image 01

Now go to your desktop and extract that file into a new folder.  With jZip I just right click on it and select “Extract to folder modMadSDK” from the list.  This will create a new folder on the desktop named modMapSDK with the contents of the zip file in it.

Image 02

At this point I rename that folder.  Since this folder (or a zipped version of it) will go into the game's mods folder it has to have a name that the game will accept.  It can not start with a number or contain any spaces.  I will call this map “myNewMap” which is a valid name.

Now open the new folder and go to the sub folder myNewMap/map.  Notice the text: “export_with_files_map01_i3d_here”.  Obviously this folder is where the map goes then.

Now open the map you want to create the mod out of with the Giant's Editor.  The default maps are found at:  C:/Program Files(x86)/Farming Simulator 2015/data/maps Map01 is Bjornholm and map02 is Westbridge Hills.

Image 03

If you only have the current version of the editor installed just double click on the map's i3d to open it.  If you have other versions first start the Editor then open the map from the file menu.  It can take several minutes for the map to open.  Now go to the file menu and select “Export All with Files”.

Image 04

Select the folder on your desktop: myNewMap/map.  The filename should be map01.  Save as type i3d is the correct selection.  Then click save.

Image 05

Now exit the Editor.   Do not save the default map.  Just exit without saving.

Now you can go to the folder myNewMap/map and open the file map01.i3d with the editor.  Make the changes you want and then save the map.  Back up the folder each time you make changes.  I just put a version number after it to keep track (ie myNewMap_v1). 

When you are done editing you can copy the folder myNewMap and paste it into the games mods folder (My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods).  It is not necessary to zip up the contents of that folder unless you are done editing it and want to share it.  Only zip files are multiplayer compatible.  When I am making changes I do not zip the map up to test it. 

To test the map copy it into the mod's folder and start the game.  Select a blank career slot and your new map should be shown.  It will be shown as “Sample Mod Map” and the pictures will be blank.  The loading screen will also be blank and the PDA in the game will be for the Bjornholm map. 

Image 06

Obviously there is a lot more to do to complete your map.  You can edit the files in the map's folder like the modDesc and the image files to customize your map.  This though completes my tutorial on how to create a mod map from a default map.

Have fun creating you own farming simulator world.

Original Author: Hoot | Date: November 21, 2015

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