Field dimesions for 2017

Game Version: FS17 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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Hi, so you may have tried to make field dimensions in Farming simulator 2017 and noticed a small issue. The new system mean that the AI generate the field upon starting a new map, so getting field dimensions right is more important than ever before.

So the basics are the same, to make more than one corner it works like this


Next corner


And so on each comer works in three's

But you may see a problem, how do i see what is happening when i move the corners around and change there angles.

so you need something like this

to get this you will need to do the following

Select fields, and then go to /script/ fs17 /maps /Toggle render field areas Shown below Circled in red (you must select fields first before rendering the field areas or it won't work)

Then you will get the layout above or similar

Any questions or thing i left out please tell me. Thanks

P.s to turn it off just Select fields, and then go to /script/ fs17 /maps /Toggle render field areas, shown in image

Original Author: LordWilliams | Date: November 26, 2016

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