Starting out in map making - video tutorial 2

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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Hi all, I decided to start making some video tutorials, with voice, and clear time consuming descriptions on how to make maps, from the very start! the first one only shows how to get started by getting your desktop and files in the right order. I will make more than this depending on the response to these first two. Each video I have planned can contain the same detail on exactly how to make a map, from start to finish.

Let me know if this will be needed.

The videos can be seen here from my You tube channel by clicking the link below….]

The first one, gets your desktop set up with thte right files in the right place prior to any changes to the new map.]FS2011 Tutorial One - Preparing the desktop.avi

Tutorial Two - This one shows you more about the editor itself, and how to edit the terrain.]FS2011 Tutorial Two - Changing the landscape.avi

Tutorial Three -How to make a field in your map.]FarmerYip - Tutorial Three - How to make a filed

Tutorial Four - Shows you how to import a building into the map and move it to where you want it.]FarmerYip Tutorial 4 Importing Objects

Tutorial Number Five - shows you how to make and add to a transform group, save the edited map to the mods folder and see the map in the game.]FarmerYip Tutorial Five Saving and playing

Extra tutorial added to show how to import objects from another location and prevent the dreaded “white” textures.]FarmerYip Tutorial - How to import objects from other maps

Original Author: Farmer Yip | Date: February 10, 2012

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