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Hello LS-UK members

I've seen alot of people asking for help making dirty/dusty skins, so here's my tutorial on how to do it (Ill be using the New Holland Baler from the straw mod release in my pictures) :

WARNING You may want to make a backup copy of the skin (the mod too, if you want), so that if anything goes wrong or you don't like the finish, you can try again with ease.

First Find the tractor/trailer that you want to make dirty. Unpack it if its a .zip file.

Second Have a quick look in the tractor/trailer's file to see what style the images are. If they're .PNG or .JPEG (most likely .png) then thats perfect. But if its .dds you'll have to download a program that opens and converts .dds image files then save it as a .png, do the necessary work then convert back to .dds and put it back in the tractor/trailer's file. The program I use to open and convert my .dds files is DXTBmp (Google it) ;)

Third Once you have GIMP opened, open the image file that you want the dirty skin on (look for the image file with the main body skin or the wheels skin).


Fourth Now that the image is opened, its time to set up the toolbox. You'll want the airbrush first of all, then select the appropriate shade of brown by double clicking on the colour box (black by default), the colour of brown depends on if youre doing a dusty (lighter brown) or a more muddy (darker brown) skin. Ive provided an image of the toolbox to show what you should be using to get the best result. REMEMBER The scale and opacity will change depending on the size of the image your working with:


Fifth  Now that you have all the right settings, its time to apply the skin. My tecnique when applying the airbrushing, is to move the mouse alot as i apply the colour, so that I dont add to much to one spot (if you were to click and slowly drag, you would get a real solid colour and not a dusty texture) Where you want the airbrushing to be done is totally up to you, if you want it to look realistic, only put the brown where it actually gets dirty in real life (say on a tractor, it won't get muddy on the roof if you have mudguards) :

The finished result:


Sixth Save it, overwrite the old skin of course. Then do the same thing if there are multiple texture files for the mod.

Optional If you have Giants Editor, you can open the mod up in there and check to see how the skin looks before packing it up again.


After your all done, pack it back up into a .zip file again and put it back in the mod folder.

Remember this is only the way I do it, other people that also do this may do it a different way. If you see that I missed anything, post what I missed and Ill be sure to add it on.

Hope you like the result,

Happy Skinning  ;)

Original Author: DUFF3RR | Date: March 23, 2010

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