How To Create Simple Realistic Dirt/Used Skins

Game Version: Giants Editor 6.0.0 upwards
Programs required:

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Hello all, Today i will be showing you how to create simple used textures!

For this i will be using the following Alternatives include Photoshop and Gimp but i am using as it is simple and free to all. Giants Editor GDN you will need to make a account

First you need to create a folder to place all of the mods files in, in this case i am using the Kane low loader by NI Modding.

Next after you've done that open up the mod with giants editor, just to make sure its all ok. Once you've checked go into the texture files of the mod you are editing, And open all of the texture files associated (E.G, AO textures)

Next create a new layer by either going to layer > New layer or by pressing CTRL + Shift +N Now you paste your rust skin on the new layer (Provided at bottom of tutorial)


Next double click onto the layer and it will bring up a popup box. Where it says “Normal” change it from normal to multiply, it should then look like This:

Next press CTRL + S to save your texture, where it says save as save it as a .DDS file, replace existing files and flatten the image.

Reapeat these previous steps for the other texture files EXCEPT from the wheels texture file. My other file looks like This:

For the wheels repeat the steps above for the Rims ONLY. Create another layer for the tyres and paste the dirt texture, as listed below with the rust texture. It should look like This.

With this new layer go to the dropdown box again on it (by double clicking the layer) and changing it from “Normal” to “Overlay”. This will make it look like This:

Once you have done all of the textures you need to save them by going to file > save and where it says save as save it as a .DDS format and then flatten the image when it asks you.

Next you need to see if it has worked, to do this go into Giants editor and open the file! If it has it should look a bit like This:

I hope it has helped you all in creating weathered effects on your mods!

Here are the two texture files needed:



Both of these textures are not owned by me, they are Copyrighted by


Original Author: Chewzacca861 | Date: March 15, 2015

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