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Ok first off the adding tires tutorial some doe's not work for this mode some of it does.

This is my way of adding functional tires to the model


1. Ok the tire tutorial works till the point of adding them to your model.

2. ounce the tires are part of your model u need to find the truck original 4 tires. Witch are here LFcalip-LFrotor-LFrotor -LFwheel

3.Ounce you have done that open up each tire following this path (Example LFcalip-LFrotor-ok here is were your new tires get pasted to. Highlight the LFrotor and click paste your new tire should appear with the original LFwheel) do this step for each wheel. Set your new tires to the same location as the original tires meaning copy and past the the coordinates in the translate x-y-z axis from the original tire to the new tire. Then delete the original wheel. Resize them to the width and diameter you wish using the scale x-y-z under attributes. May take a few times to get them right.

5.Finaly save the model looking at the backend of the truck. Rezip it and add it to your mods folder.

If there are issues with this please contact me via PM ill make sure I have include all my steps if not ill try and help you the best way I can.

My special Thanks to Niceguy for a great model to play with.

Original Author: JoeFarmer3 | Date: September 10, 2013

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