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-====== ​Tutorial Template ​======  ​+====== ​How to create custom mowing missions ​======  ​
-Game Version:  ​FS15 and later\\ +Game Version:  ​FS13 and later\\ 
-GE Version:  ​6.x and later+GE Version:  ​5.x and later
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 ---- ----
-===== Template ​Intro =====+===== Intro =====
-Cu nec disputando interpretarisan nam vidit aliquid fabulas! Everti elaboraret intellegam cum eistet repudiandae te sedan eam tale lorem! Cu pri idque viris, an dicam dolorem vim. +While creating a mapI wanted to create some mowing and pallet missions with my own descriptions and locations. ​ Of the tutorials I foundmost were incompleteso I decided to take a look at the default map to see how it is done.
- +
-His suscipit facilisis ea, ius et quaeque aliquid. Insolens eleifend qui te, eu nec tota porro?+
 ===== Prep Work ===== ===== Prep Work =====
-Harum nostrud ex mea. Vide eruditi inciderint ad quovix dicant possim tritani et! Eos inani summo dicam te. Sea tibique singulis an, ex has mentitum dignissim, ius modus utamur impedit ut.+In order to create custom mowing missions on your mod mapsyou must have some knowledge of: 
 +I also suggest using a text editor like Notepad++ 
 +  * XML syntax  
 +  * Giants Editor 
 +  * Notepad++.
-  * One +===== Full Details =====
-  * Two +
-  * Three +
-  * Four +
-  * Five+
-Exerci impetus pri etmel an putent nemoreQuas delenit legimus id mea, ne cum debitis epicuri.+**Step 1:** In the folder for your mod mapyou will want to create a new folder For the sake of this tutorial let us call this folder ‘myMissions’ I like to keep everything neat and tidy in my mod folders so I will suggest you create the folder at the following path: ‘Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\MODMAPNAME\map\myMissions’
-===== Full Details ===== 
-Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametsed illud labitur nostrud ad, has no appareat sensibus temporibusMalis dicit tollit ut pri, in vis postea tibique complectitureu pro nemore sententiae adipiscing? Ius id percipit necessitatibus+**Step 2:**  Once that is completego into the ‘myMissions’ folder and create a new text file.  Edit the file with Notepad++ and enter the following text: 
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"​ standalone="​no" ​?
 + <​variation>​ 
 + <​title>​Test Mowing Mission 1</​title>​ 
 + <​description>​This is a Test Mowing Mission.</​description>​ 
 + </​variation>​ 
 +Next you want to select File->​Save As and select ’extensible markup language’ as the file typeand enter the name ‘mowingMissions.xml’. ​ You may close Notepad++ and delete the ‘New Text Document.txt’ from your ‘myMissions’ folder to keep the folder clean. 
 +**Step 3:** Navigate back to your folder with the map.i3d file and open it with Giants Editor. ​ Once it is open, we want to create a new transform group. ​ Select ‘Create’ and ‘Transformgroup’ from the dropdown menu.  Select your new Transformgroup ​in the scenegraphrename the new transform group to '​mowingMissions’ in the Attributes pane.  With the User Attributes pane open, select the ‘mowingMissions’ transform group, you need to add the following two attributes to it. 
 +First: ​ ‘onCreate’ with the type of script callback. ​ When you click add, enter MowingIngameMission.onCreate into the new attribute textbox. 
 +Second: ‘xmlFilename’ with the type of string. ​ When you click add, if you followed my instructions earlier, enter the following path map/​myMissions/​mowingMissions.xml ​ If you chose a different path, enter it instead. 
 +**Step 4:**  Create another new ‘Transformgroup’ in the same way as above. Select the new transform group and cut it (press control-x) then select your ‘mowingMissions’ transform group and paste (press control-v) the new one onto it.  Rename the child node to ‘mowingMission1’ 
 +**Step 5:**  We are almost finished; the next step will involve using the GE import function. ​ Go to File and select Import... ​ Navigate to the following file location: C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 2013\data\maps\models\objects\triggers. ​ Within that folder select ‘fieldDefinition.i3d’. ​  GE will create a whole new transform group called fields, but we only want one part of it.  Open up the new fields->​field01->​fieldDimensions. ​ You should see a transform group called corner01_1, this is the section we want.  Select corner01_1 and cut it (control-x) then select your mowingMission1 transform group and paste (control-v). ​  Clean up time; since we don’t need the new fields transform group, select it and delete. 
 +**Step 6:** Now that we have the corners, we have to place them were we want the mission to be.  I like to paint a little bit of terrain detail first, so I can see where the corners will be.   ​Select corner01_1 and use interactive placement (control-b) and click near the point you want the first edge to be.  Use the arrows to move it around if you need to.  Once it is where you would like itclick on corner01_2 and move it to the opposite corner of the area.   Clean up time; remove any unwanted terrain paint by painting grass back over the texture. 
-{{ :​ss_2016-10-12_at_12.58.10_.png?​200 |}} 
-Purto eruditi ullamcorper pri utex has eirmod molestie efficianturVoluptatibus signiferumque vis te, eos ea possim oporteat accusataEam tincidunt adolescens ad, cu alia probo assentior duo? Qui velit nihil dissentias ne? Volumus inimicus inciderint sea euvix ex ipsum ubique.+**Step 7:**  Time to test it in game!  Save it upand launch FS2013 This will work on previously saved games; you will not need to create a new save game ​Assuming you did everything correctlythe game will calculate the amount of time needed to complete the mission and pay based on the difficulty level of your game.
 +**Important note:**
 +If you have more entries in your xml file then you actually have missions in the map.i3d, you will get an error and the missions will not work.  Create 1 "​variation"​ entry per mowing mission. ​
 ---- ----
-Original Author:  ​XX | Date:  ​XX+Original Author:  ​wevee | Date:  ​March 29, 2013
         ​         ​
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