[How TO] Model Tyres in Maya

Game Version: FS2012 upwards
Programs required: Maya

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Hello everyone, today I am sharing this great tutorial with you. I am not the original author of this tutorial but I had trouble understanding the original and most of the image links were broken thus making it harder. So I Have alter the text to Proper English.

Unfortunately the pictures have been deleted from this tutorial. So prep work is solely down to you I have included a very informative YouTube Clip which will help you along the way also.

First off the details of this Tutorial have failed for pictures, due to the original Author removing them so I have helped this along with a up to date version of Maya, creating a tyre from scratch.

Due to images removed, here is a YouTube video to back this up

The original tutorial will follow and hope the pieces fit together without the addition of pictures

Start from a new in Maya, It is only necessary for us to make one segment of a tire cover. We shall do it off a Polygon plane: Using these attributes

Now switch to top View, it is necessary for us to move a few vertexes on the plane we created this creates part of our detail see image Below:

We Move to the front view and we move vertexes:

Now we select the Parts that we would like to extrude out from the Model.

And extrude the faces (Edit Polygon / Extrude Face) two times (see pic) (do not forget to put a tick in the menu. Polygon / Tools Options / Keep Faces Together, it is necessary)

Now we remove some faces which are not necessary.

You should see something looking like this.

At the given stage if you wish to receive a realistic model, it is necessary to edit considerably the obtained segments, to add facets, etc. If you are not experienced enough it is possible to leave it. Because the main thing in this lesson to understand a principle Now to us it is necessary to move a pivot point in as it is shown below.

Now we can duplicate a segment using a binding to a point. Press Ctrl D and then press key V to paste your duplicate, when moving we can precisely combine necessary vertexes:

Now it is necessary to repeat this action a number of times, all depends on that how big you wish to make the wheel. I have made 12 duplicates

Now we select all segments, and we come into menu Polygon and we execute command Combine.

Now it is necessary for us to turn the given design into a ring. For this purpose switch into mode Animation and it is chosen Deform/Create Nonlinear/Bend:

On the screen has appeared handle which allows specifying a direction and force of a bend precisely Rotating the handle. It is easier to used attribute editor and entering the specified parameters value of the deformer:

Parameters Low and High Bound are responsible for length of the bending ends. Now set a value in parameter Curvature so that the ends of our tire cover are closed. Increase the value until the edge vertexes have connected:

Then we connect vertexes of segments Edit Polygon / Merge Vertex

We delete history. Edit / Delete by Type / History also we fill lateral holes Edit Polygon / Fill Hole

And using tool Edit Polygon / Extrude Face it finished our tire cover

Do not forget to remove internal faces and to smooth model Polygon / Smooth

Thats It your done for the Tyre. If it helped please hit 1 off the ls uk post buttons.

Word Document is in Process to be downloaded.

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Maybe this Can Get a sticky if it helps alot of people? ( Just a Dream)

Original Author: gh2010, YouTube video by Mike Hermes | Date: April 19, 2012

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