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How to make an new fillVolume shape

Im going to walk you through how to make an new fill shape with maya, the base how to build it is similar with other software.

Start by simple making an cube and shape as you see fit. - see attached image “image1”

What you need to have in mind when shaping it is this - see attached image “image2”

Now to prepare it for ingame then you do like this - see attached image “image3”

To make an smoother surface of the object to this - see attached image “imageAngle”

And as an side note to avoid this warning message in your log file


Warning: FillPlaneGeometry shape geometry must be called 'fillVolumeShape', not 'fillVolumeNewShape'

simple name your new shape “fillVolume” and not “fillVolumeNew” as I did. For Blender name it “fillVolumeShape”.

Original Author: Xentro | Date: December 23, 2014

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