Making a Mod from a default item -- Part 1 -- getting it all together

Game Version: Giant's Editor 4.1.7 upwards
Programs required: Winzip, Jzip, 7zip or WinRar | NotePad / Notepad++

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This Tutorial has been written for FS11 and will not work as is for any other version. Previous versions had different attributes. This Tutorial will show you basically step by step, on how to make a mod from a default item. This Tutorial does not and will not cover converting an FS09 mod to FS11 – although it does have valuable information to help you do that, if you look for it. I have used the word item here to universally cover all things like tractors, implements, vehicles etc

Knowledge required: able to use Windows Explorer (file manager) to move files to other folders able to make new folders using Windows Explorer (file manager) able to edit xml and lua files in Notepad++ able to unzip zip files to a specific place able to edit an i3d to correct texture paths able to load a mod into GE

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We are going to make a mod from the default Joker6CT cultivator - you can choose any other mod you like, the procedures and processes are the same, just adjust the files you work with as necessary.

Make a folder to assemble your mod and rename it from New Folder to something meaningful.

Make sub folders called Textures and Scripts, later on you can add other folders for other stuff. This makes keeping track of files easier and makes your mod look a little more professional…

Like so: Fig:1

First we are going to find out what texture files are used by the Joker6CT, so:

Navigate to the Horsch folder as below: Fig:2

and then highlight the joker6CT.i3d and open it in Notepadd++:

The filenames in the red box are the ones we need. Fig:3

Go back to your Horsch folder and highlight the joker files as below, then copy and paste them into the Texture folder in the Joker6CT folder you made to assemble your mod:

Once you have made a note of the textures, or copied them over, close the joker6ct.i3d file and /or Notepad++ and don't save the file, exit without saving as it may break your game if you do - it probably won't but just to be sure, don't save it on exit…

Navigate to the cars folder and highlight the files as below and copy and paste to your mod Textures folder; grab the orange one now it might be useful later:-)

Navigate to the vehicles folder and highlight, then copy and paste the and emissiveBillBoardShader.xml to your mod Joker6CT folder,

then move the emissiveBillBoardShader.xml to either your Scripts or Texture folder - it is really a script so should technically go into your Scripts folder, but it really doesn't matter… Fig:6

So at the end of the day, when the dust settles… you should have a folder structure and contents as the 3 images below:



Now we can begin to edit the files to make them all work properly…

Right click on the Joker6CT.xml and open it in Notepad++

Edit the texture lines to where you put the files we copied over or as below:

Now you can check your work by opening the Joker6CT.i3d in Giants Editor:

If all your work is correct, you should see the same as below with no errors in the Scripting window:

Close Giants Editor without saving.

Now we can begin to edit the joker6CT.xml file to make it work as a mod.

Open the joker6CT.xml from your joker6CT folder in your mods folder in Notepad++

And edit the i3d path in line 8 as below, deleting everything except the filename and extension.

Add the $ signs to lines 20 and 41, 42 and 43 – the $ signs tells the game to get these files from and use them from the game install folders - we could find and copy these across to the mod folder, but this saves eventual filesize and is elegant;-)

Now we have to make a modDesc, go to [Tutorial] Making a mod from a default item – Part 2.

This will tell you how to get a modDesc file to edit for this or any other mod and give some insight into the modDesc and how it works.

Original Author: sandgroper | Date: February 04, 2012

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