How to set up Blender V2.62 Scale and Unit of measurement

Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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This is a short video showing how to set Blender to 1:1 scale and choose your unit of measurement and save as your default Blender start file.

Many new would be modders often ask a common question on scale and measurement when creating mods for FS.

What is needed is an understanding that when creating an object in 3D programs such as Blender, you are creating an object in real life size.

If, however, your 3D program is not correctly set up from the start, your size (scale ) may not be correct.

This short video will attempt to show you how to set up your default Blender file to 1:1 scale and how to choose your unit of measurement (Imperial or Metric), then, save this file as a user default file so that every time you start a new project, your Blender file is set up correctly.

This will save you exporting a mod into GE/FarmSim and have the mod show at the incorrect size or scale.

Original Author: milpol | Date: November 30, 2013

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