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Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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How to correctly rescale DAE or OBJ files imported into Blender

When importing OBJ or DAE files into Blender, most users find it difficult to view the imported object. This because the imported object is imported at 100 times its required scale.

This mini tutorial aims at showing how to rescale the imported files/mesh to a 1:1 scale providing the original object was correctly scaled in the beginning.

You have exported your object from GE as an OBJ file and now require to import it into Blender to modify, texture or use as a guide.

Once your file has been imported into Blender , you will need to zoom out a very large distance to see the imported object.

Your object should look like the following image.

[img width=128][/img]

As per the notation points in the image, we have the following attributes of the imported objects.

A: The X axis is at 90 degrees, we will leave this for the moment.

B: The SCALE of the X,Y and Z axis are 1.000 (note that this is the scale of the object in its axis settings NOT the scale of the object).

C: This is the dimensions of the object in metres, we can see we have a wheel that is 214.7m in diameter and is way to big.

D: This is our real life scale and is the TRUE scale within Blender.

E: We see here, that Blender is set to METRIC as the majority of the world is Metric, those who prefer to use Imperial just need to click on the Imperial tab.

To reset our wheel to a realistic size or 1:1 scale we need to adjust the scale setting in the X,Y and Z axis ONLY.

Looking at image 2 we see the following.

[img width=128][/img]

A: We are not yet concerned with the rotation of the axis.

B: Here we need to change the scale of the axis from 1.000 to 0.010 ! this will reduce the size of the objects axis by 100 %

C: You will notice the that diameter of the wheel is now a respectable 1.138 metres.

D: Our wheel appears to have vanished but it is actually the required size, this just shows how far you have had to zoom out to see the imported object.

E: Notice that our REAL scale is still 1.000 or 1:1

Now we need to zoom into the object so we can see our imported object.

[img width=128][/img]

As per this 3rd image, we have zoomed in to view our object and as per A: B: C: and D: we can see nothing has changed.

What we need to do now is to lock this size to a 1:1 scale as this is the size we will want to export to i3D.

To do this, press: CTRL+A and from the popup menu, we need to select “Rotation and Scale” as indicated by E:

AS per the next image.

[img width=128][/img]

We can now see that

A: Our axis rotation is now corrected.

B: Our X,Y,Z axis scale is now correctly set to 1:1

C: Our objects dimensions are still correct.

D: Blender is still set to real life scale, 1.000 or 1:1

These steps also cover importation of DAE, 3DS and FBX files.

To Export the objects as DAE, FBX, 3DS or OBJ files into programs like Maya or 3DS, you need to change the X,Y,Z axis scales in the Transform Menu from 1.000 to 100.000.

Then press CTRL+A and select Scale, this will save Maya and 3DS users from having to rescale an imported file.

Hopefully this has cleared up some questions regarding importing OBJ, DAE, FBX or 3DS files into Blender and how to re scale the imported object to the correct size.

Original Author: milpol | Date: September 12, 2013

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