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Game Version: FS17 and later
GE Version: 7.0 and later

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Have you ever wanted to make a few changes to one of your favorite maps but didn't know how to get started? Maybe add another shelter to a farm, or change debris from one location to another?

A few of my YouTube viewers asked how I edited my private map of The West Coast and thought I should share it here.

If you know nothing, or next to nothing about editing, I highly recommend watching the video from start to finish, otherwise you could miss some critical steps. The camera movement can be a bit foreign, but one of my viewers (platinumTurbo) commented that within a couple hours, he felt comfortable with the camera. If you have never been in a 3D editor before, be prepared for it to take some time to get familiar with the controls. However, I don't want to scare you off, it is a very easy thing to get started, it just takes a little dedication.

You need the first two links installed, but it may be best to just watch the video and I'll tell you what to do.

Giants Editor


Seasons Resources

It is generally easier and better to ask questions on FS-UK than in YouTube. Ask questions here, and post your full log if applicable:

How to post your log in FS-UK

Some great mapping tips:

FS-UK Wiki for more tutorials

FAQ: Q “I made changes to my map, but they are not showing up in game, why is that?” A Check your mods folder for two versions of the same map. The game loads the zipped version first, and this is often the unchanged version. I didn't highlight this in my video since I was working out of the downloads folder(sorry for confusion). It is best to move the original (or backup, zipped copy) to another folder once you unzip a mod to begin working on it. That way, you never get confused which version is the edited one and what is original.

Q “The map works when unzipped, but not when zipped up”. A “Make sure you are zipping the contents of the folder, not the folder itself.

   See here:

Original Author: flatlander84 | Date: 11 Sep 17

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