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I've decided to not use the silly looking multi-coloured explanations anymore so with this one I have tried to make it easier to see.


Input Attacher Options:


       <inputAttacherJointConfiguration name=“” price=“”>[/code]

name=“$l10n_configuration_inputAttacher3Point”            “$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherWheelLoader”            “$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherSkidSteer”            “$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherFrontLoader”            “$l10n_configuration_inputAttacherTelehandler”

<inputAttacherJoint index="" topReferenceNode="" jointType="" isControllable="" lowerRotLimitScale="" lowerDistanceToGround="" upperRotLimitScale="" lowerTransLimitScale="" upperTransLimitScale="" upperDistanceToGround="" upperRotationOffset="" />

index=“Index of the attacher jointtopReferenceNode=“Reference to the top node of the attacher joint3-Point Only jointType=“implement”                  “wheelLoader”                  “skidSteer”                  “frontLoader”                  “telehandler” isControllable=“Boolean deciding if the attacher type allows mouse control (mostly designed for 3-point implements that can't be moved otherwiselowerRotLimitScale=“X Y Z lowest limit on rotation(Mostly 0 0 0)3-Point Onky lowerDistanceToGround=“Distance that the bottom attacher lowers from the lifted position*[/b]” 3-Point Only upperRotLimitScale=“X Y Z highest limit on rotation (Mostly 0 0 0)3-Point Only lowerTransLimitScale=“X Y Z lowest limit on the implement translation3-Point Only upperTransLimitScale=“X Y Z highest limit on implement translation3-Point Only upperDistanceToGround=“Distance of the attacher joint to the ground when lifted*[/b]” 3-Point Only upperRotationOffset=“Offset placed on the rotation of the upper attacher3-Point Only

Please note that I'm not positive on what all the parameters do but I've written what I can figure out. However they are all the same as any implement meaning I'm sure there is more information out there on them specifically

<objectChange node="" visibilityActive=""  visibilityInactive=""/>

node=“Node of the model for the selected attacher jointvisibilityActive=“Boolean to decide if the object node sets the object to be visible or notvisibilityInactive=“Boolean to decide if the object node sets the object to be invisible or not


As a note, if the attacher type isn't a 3-Point attacher, the only parameters needed in the <inputAttacherJoint  /> section are index and jointType


Front Loader Options:


       <frontloaderConfiguration name=“” price=“” >[/code]

name=“$l10n_ui_no”            “$l10n_ui_yes”

<objectChange node="" visibilityActive="" visibilityInactive=""/>

node=“The node of the front loader blockvisibilityActive=“Boolean to set if the front loader block is visible or notvisibilityInactive=“Boolean setting if the object is invisible or not

<attacherJoint index="" jointType="attachableFrontloader" upperRotation="" lowerRotation="" lowerTransLimit="" lowerRotLimit="" moveTime="" >

index=“The node of the front loader attacher jointupperRotation=“X Y Z Set upper rotation of the attacher joint (Usually 0 0 0 )lowerRotation=“X Y Z Set lower attacher joint rotation (Usually 0 0 0 )lowerTransLimit=“X Y Z Smallest amount of translation with the attacher (Usually 0 0 0 )lowerRotLimit=“X Y Z Sets a limit of the lowering rotation to avoid model collisions (Usually 0 0 0 )moveTime=“Speed of the attacher joint rotation

<schema position="0 0.4" rotation="0" invertX="true" />

The general front loader setup involves having two configurations with a yes/no option which needs the objects involved setting on or off depending on which option is chosen



Original Author: Chocolatecake2001 | Date: November 04, 2016

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