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Hello all, Here is a tutorial to show you everything about map's, this isn't just how to add tree's, its is a whole guide on map's for FS2011, so listen carefully and please comment if you have any probelm's !! So here we go…

Adding an Object 1st. When you open your map in Giant's Editor you will see a button at the top, click file/import just like this…. 2nd. When you have done that, find your map folder, open it, and you will see a folder in there called “models”. Open that and you will find a lot of files just like this…. 3rd. When you get to there, open the file you want (for example “small cattle shed”) and when you open that you will see an i3d file, double click on the i3d file and it will come up in your map, but it might be a long away from you so hold CTRL+B and click where you want it and it should go to where you want it, it saves taking  it from one side of a map. And remember that you do the same for triggers if the building/object has any. Adding Crops This information is from many other people  ;)


Ploughed texture: Box 1. Cultivated texture: Box 2. Seeded texture: Box 3. Fertilized texture: Box 4 (With any of the other 3).

Grass: 1. Level: 2 6 2nd Level: 2 5 6 3rd Level: 2 7 4th Level: 2 5 7

Barley: 1. Level: 3 6 2nd Level: 3 5 6 3rd Level: 3 7 4th Level: 3 5 7

Wheat: 1. Level: 1 6 2nd Level: 1 5 6 3rd Level: 1 7 4th Level: 1 5 7

Corn: 1. Level: 1 3 6 2nd Level: 1 3 5 6 3rd Level: 1 3 7 4th Level: 1 3 5 7

Rape: 1. Level: 1 2 6 2nd Level: 1 2 5 6 3rd Level: 1 2 7 4th Level: 1 2 5 7

Mown grass: 2 9 turn the grass to hay: 2 11 high grass / reeds Number: 2 5 6 7

Barley stubble: 3 8 Wheat stubble: 1 8 Corn stubble: 1 3 8 Rape stubble: 1 2 8

Barley swath: 3 10 11 Wheat swath: 1 10 11 Hay swath: 2 10 11

Carrot 1st Level 1 2 3 4 6 2nd Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 3rd Level 1 2 3 4 5 7

Sunflower 1st Level 4 5 6 2nd Level 4 7 3rd Level 4 5 7


1st Level 1 2 3 7

Greenwheat 1st Level 2 4 6 2nd Level 2 4 7

Cotton 1st Level 3 4 6 2nd Level 3 4 7 3rd Level 3 4 5 7

Soybean 1st Level 1 2 4 7 2nd Level 1 2 4 5 7

Potato 1st Level 1 4 7 2nd Level 1 4 5 7

Sugarcane 1st Level 1 3 4 5 7 2nd Level 1 4 5 7

Oat 1st Level 2 3 4 5 6 2nd Level 2 3 4 5 6 7 3rd Level 2 3 4 5 7

Those are just the basic crops, but for root crops (i.e sugarbeet) its the same as Wheat. Enjoy

All credits to LS2009Fan and sniper214

Terrain Sculpture Mode (adding hill's etc.)

When in GE open your map and there should be something called terrain editing, make sure it looks like this…. When it looks like that make sure the radius is pretty big as it is easier to make hill's like that, if you want to make a hill higher you have to click on the right mouse button, if you want to make it smaller click the left mouse button and if you want to level your land out (sometimes can be bumpy) then hover over it with the middle scroll button on your mouse, it is easier if you do have a mouse as it is hard with the built in one on a laptop ;) and remember, don't hold your finger on it to long or it will go to high/low 8) ;)

Making an Area Flat

Over the months I have learned a lot of tricks in GE so here goes…. First of all you must have the terrain editing window open. Once you have made your land the level you want change it so it has gone from this : to this : and then hold down CTRL+R on the place you want the same level and it should look like this, but make sure the radius is the size you want it, it can be hard at times but its not so bad when you get to know it. that should be your finished product.

Terrain Texture Paint Mode (adding gravel/asplalt….) At the top of the main window in GE, click on terrain detail texture paint mode and at the terrain editing bit in GE click texture layer and it will come out with a box that drop's down, click the texture layer you want and it should come out allright but make sure LMB is on add. It should look like this….

Adding Collision to a Shed

I forgot to add this, but if you want to add a collision to a shed (or any object) in your map then follow the stages. In the attributes there is a box called rigid body when you click on the building, sometimes it is not ticked but sometimes it is. If you want to get rid of a collision then un-tick the box, if you want to add a collision then tick it, it will add another section a bit lower down, just make sure the “collision” box is ticked as well. This is how it should look….

Keyboard Shortcuts Key   Function Alt + LMB   Rotate camera Alt + MMB   Pan camera Alt + RMB   Zoom camera Alt + LMB + RMB   Move camera up or down and left or right camera F   Frame selected object -   Decrease navigation speed +   Increase navigation speed Ctrl-S   Save Ctrl-Z   Undo Ctrl-X   Cut Ctrl-C   Copy Ctrl-V   Paste Delete   Delete Ctrl-D   Duplicate Ctrl-F   Move to Camera Ctrl-B   Interactive placement (hold left mouse button to move around) Shift   Interactive placement paint Ctrl   Interactive placement paint with random rotation around y axis Ctrl-R   Pick replace value in viewport (Terrain edit modes) V   Decrease brush radius B   Increase brush radius N   Decrease brush opacity M   Increase brush opacity F8   Toggle stats Shift + Enter   Execute Script (Script Window)

(made by jamesyy)

I guess you know what the Save button is for yeah?

I would highly recommend this TUTORIAL made by napalm as well :)

Remember, if you want to move a model around then click the object and then move it with the red, blue & green arrows.

Thank you for reading and i hope this helps !!

Original Author: Wiliam | Date: May 31, 2011

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