[How to] fix reversed in cab camera

Game Version: FS 2011 upwards
Programs required: Giant's Editor 4.1.7 upwards

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Quick how to fix in game Camera

You will need older version of Giant's Editor 4.1.7 if you are still working with 2011

Ok quite annoying problem.. Really easy fix..

Firstly you need to unpack your mod from .zip format, now you need to open the mods .i3d file with Giants Editor.

Find the internal (cab) camera by clicking on “View” on the top bar of Giants Editor then “camera” and then click on each camera listed till your looking out from the drivers seat/cab

*DO NOT MOVE the camera OR press Alt and move the mouse as this will displace the camera*

Once you know for definite what view is the internal (cab) camera then look for the same named camera in the “scenegraph” window on the left hand side.

Click once on the camera (in this case its called camera2) and on the right hand side in the “attributes” window you will see this… Fig:1

look for the 3 Rotate axis (x,y,z) pointed at by red arrows above.

Ok now the easy bit, change Rotate x to 0 (zero), Rotate y to 180, and Rotate z to 0 (zero) like this… Fig:2

And thats it… click “save” and exit GE, zip up all the files that were in the mod, retain the name it was called originally if you had it saved ingame, and then put the zip in your mod folder and crank up the game and try it out..

I have had this work on every mod with this problem so i dont foresee you have any problems if you follow this very simple and straight forward guide..

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Original Author: Reef | Date: August 20, 2011

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