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-====== ​XML explained ​======  ​+====== ​How to fix articulated steering ​======  ​
-Game Version: ​     \\ +Game Version: ​ FS 2013\\ 
-Programs required: ​+Programs required: ​Notepad / Notepad++
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 ===== Tutorial Intro ===== ===== Tutorial Intro =====
 +Don't know what you guys (and gals?) think, but I find articulated steering in FS2013 quite horrible. So horrible, that it kept me away from using the most powerful tractors in the game - Steiger bros Until now.  The wish to have Steigers in my fleet was so great I spent hours comparing them to WheelLoader and Weidemann and the great mod of Kirovets K700A. This is the result I came up with and I hope all of the future articulated vehicles'​ releases will use this solution so that We all could enjoy high quality mods.
 ===== Prep Work ===== ===== Prep Work =====
 +Just slight adjustments needed with the use of Notepad / Notepad++
 ===== Full Details ===== ===== Full Details =====
 +**The problems:**
 +The current articulated steering setup introduces three nasty behaviors:
 +1) Jaggy implement movement - steering action causes implement to swing along. Making nice field borders is impossible, some field areas might be left unworked.
 +2) Trailer tossing - during return to neutral position, back part forcibly drags along attached trailer, causing it to do a leap. IMO this constant trailer jumping kills game experience and looks like a bug.
 +3) Constant stuttering which hurts the eyes, especially if lag is present.
 +These problems are caused by the faulty vehicle.i3d and vehicle.xml setup:
 +1) Steering is initiated in the back part, not in the front
 +2) Steering is too fast.
 +**The solutions:​**
 +1. Model setup: Mods that don't suffer from these problems are set up in the following way:
 +1) In the Scenegraph, Index 0 is a BackPart, Index 1 is a FrontPart. Further testing revealed, that setup can be different, as long as IndoorCamera is attached to a true cabin and Outdoor Camera is attached to a true back part of the vehicle. For Weidemann/​WheelLoader it is: Ind/Outd Camera in the back part, for Kirovets - Ind Camera in the front part, Outd Camera in the back part. Default Steigers were edited by moving Outd Camera to the back part.
 +2. Vehicle.xml setup (it is only tested with mouse+keyboard controls): ​
 +I've never driven an articulated vehicle, but i dont believe it can be straightened out so quickly when steering... So I changed:
 +<wheels autoRotateBackSpeed="​1">​ - for all
 +<​articulatedAxis ... rotSpeed="​-30"​ ...> - for Steigers
 +<​articulatedAxis ... rotSpeed="​32"​ ...> - for WheelLoader
 +<​articulatedAxis ... rotSpeed="​35"​ ...> - for Weidemann
 +Certainly, You'll have to learn to feel the steering, but for me it feels so much better than default one.
 +Notes to modders: ​
 + You may choose different values, but always think about the vehicle - the bigger it is, the more friction, inertia it produces +  technology available at the production time, therefore it's steering must be slower/​heavier or quicker/​lighter.
 + If You know, what you are doing, you can edit default vehicles by yourself, just don't forget to check indexes. However, this may break the multiplayer.
 +**The result:**
 +1) Implements move much nicer.
 +2) Trailers smoothly follow the tractor.
 +Using Steigers is now a pure joy!
 +Happy farming
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-Original Author: ​  ​| Date: +Original Author: ​**earthwormS**  ​| Date: **May 27, 2013**
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-[[modding_tutorials|Modding Index]] | [[vehicle_modding|Vehicle Tutorials]]+[[modding_tutorials|Modding Index]] | [[vehicle_modding|Vehicle Tutorials]]\\ 
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