How to fix articulated steering

Game Version: FS 2013
Programs required: Notepad / Notepad++

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Don't know what you guys (and gals?) think, but I find articulated steering in FS2013 quite horrible. So horrible, that it kept me away from using the most powerful tractors in the game - Steiger bros Until now. The wish to have Steigers in my fleet was so great I spent hours comparing them to WheelLoader and Weidemann and the great mod of Kirovets K700A. This is the result I came up with and I hope all of the future articulated vehicles' releases will use this solution so that We all could enjoy high quality mods.

Just slight adjustments needed with the use of Notepad / Notepad++

The problems:

The current articulated steering setup introduces three nasty behaviors:

1) Jaggy implement movement - steering action causes implement to swing along. Making nice field borders is impossible, some field areas might be left unworked. 2) Trailer tossing - during return to neutral position, back part forcibly drags along attached trailer, causing it to do a leap. IMO this constant trailer jumping kills game experience and looks like a bug. 3) Constant stuttering which hurts the eyes, especially if lag is present.

These problems are caused by the faulty vehicle.i3d and vehicle.xml setup:

1) Steering is initiated in the back part, not in the front 2) Steering is too fast.

The solutions:

1. Model setup: Mods that don't suffer from these problems are set up in the following way:

1) In the Scenegraph, Index 0 is a BackPart, Index 1 is a FrontPart. Further testing revealed, that setup can be different, as long as IndoorCamera is attached to a true cabin and Outdoor Camera is attached to a true back part of the vehicle. For Weidemann/WheelLoader it is: Ind/Outd Camera in the back part, for Kirovets - Ind Camera in the front part, Outd Camera in the back part. Default Steigers were edited by moving Outd Camera to the back part.

2. Vehicle.xml setup (it is only tested with mouse+keyboard controls):

I've never driven an articulated vehicle, but i dont believe it can be straightened out so quickly when steering… So I changed:

<wheels autoRotateBackSpeed=“1”> - for all

<articulatedAxis … rotSpeed=“-30” …> - for Steigers <articulatedAxis … rotSpeed=“32” …> - for WheelLoader <articulatedAxis … rotSpeed=“35” …> - for Weidemann

Certainly, You'll have to learn to feel the steering, but for me it feels so much better than default one.

Notes to modders: You may choose different values, but always think about the vehicle - the bigger it is, the more friction, inertia it produces + technology available at the production time, therefore it's steering must be slower/heavier or quicker/lighter. If You know, what you are doing, you can edit default vehicles by yourself, just don't forget to check indexes. However, this may break the multiplayer.

The result:

1) Implements move much nicer. 2) Trailers smoothly follow the tractor.

Using Steigers is now a pure joy!

Happy farming

Original Author: earthwormS | Date: May 27, 2013

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