How-To Adding Woodchip To A Trailer

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This is a simple tutorial showing you how to add woodchips to your trailers.

[center]How-To Adding Woodchip To A Trailer[/center]

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to add woodchips to your trailer. I've spent a few hours playing around and finally figured it out and how simple it is. Once you get it the right way. Please note, some images are heavy. I have attempted to explain this as simple as possible.

I will not be responsible for any damages done to your savegames, trailer errors. I will also not 'install' the plane for you.

Basically, get your trailer, you'll need to find the planes and select one. Export that and save it as 'woodChip_Plane.i3d'.

Now open your woodChip_Plane.i3d in a text editor, (Notepad, Notepad++, PHP Designer - Whatever, longs you can edit the i3d.

You are now going to change the following

<File fileId="1" filename="" relativePath="true"/>


Where is says woodChip_diffiuse.dss, this will be whatever the plane you exported will have, for example Wheat.. It will say ''. Note, it may change due to this been the main texture route. You are going to want to change that texture path to where your texture is.

Now, in the same file… Look for the following…

  <Shape name="woodChipPlane" visibility="false" nodeId="150" materialIds="7" shapeId="1" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>


Once again, woodChipPlane will be called something different. So just change that to woodChipPlane.

So now your file should look something like so… Save the file.


Now import the woodChips_Plane.i3d into your trailers i3d like the following: then save the i3d. Note: I did have a problem with the 'alignment' of the i3d. If you have this problem there is an easy fix. I will put this at the bottom.

Now that you have that sorted, you need your trailer to accept woodChips, the forestMod has already scripted the woodChips in. However if you look at the file it converts woodChips to chaff to accept every trailer. So we are going to open the .xml file of the trailer

Scroll down till you find:

<fillTypes fruitTypes="

You will see a list, your going to add 'woodChip' to the very end, so it will look like the following

<fillTypes fruitTypes="wheat rape maize barley chaff fertilizer silage manure woodChip"/>

You'll also need to add a 'dischargeParticleSystem'. So find the following:


Just then just add under that

<dischargeParticleSystem type="woodChip" node="0>20" position="0 0 0" rotation="30 180 0" file="particleSystems/dischargewoodChip.i3d" />

You will need to change 'node', 'position' and 'rotation' to the settings that are with the rest for it to work. You'll need to change:


to where ever your particle is stored. You will need to create one. To do this, just copy one already created, rename it to dischargewoodChip. Open the file in a text editor and edit the texture path. You'll also need to create a texture for it.

Save your files, zip the mod and your trailer should accept woodChip

If you want the chippings texture I have used, open the forestmod. go to textures, WoodChipStorage and I used

Hopefully this will help a few people.




Original Author: xBlur | Date: June 29, 2014

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