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Game Version: FS11 and later
GE Version: ? and later

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You may wonder how you can change the grass, darkgranite, beachsand, rock, shortgrass, asphalt and wheat textures(the paint-on, not the crops) I will use the from the HD textures pack by GhillieSniper.

1) Extract map to a folder

2) First of all 4096×4096 may be a bit too much for your computer, convert to png with dxtbmpx(if not using, use any graphics program to re-size to your liking, re-convert to dds, Rename if desired.

3) Now you will also need to make a 128×128 distance image.

4) Now make a 1024×1024 all black weight map. If your map is a different size, then use that size instead. Default map size is 1024×1024.

5) So now we have a, a dark_asphalt_distance_diffuse.png and a darkasphalt_weight.png. Now time to edit the map01.i3d file;

6) Right click map01.i3d>edit(with NP++ hopefully) Add the required files to the <files> section

<File fileId="x" filename="textures/terrain/darkasphalt_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="x" filename="textures/terrain/darkasphalt_distance_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="x" filename="map01/darkasphalt_weight.png" relativePath="true"/>

7) While still in NP++ hit ctrl-f type in layers, you will see something like this;

<Layer name="wheat" detailMapId="5" unitSize="16" weightMapId="3" distanceMapId="4" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>
        <Layer name="grass" detailMapId="8" unitSize="8" weightMapId="6" distanceMapId="7" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>
        <Layer name="shortGrass" detailMapId="11" unitSize="16" weightMapId="9" distanceMapId="10" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>
        <Layer name="rock" detailMapId="14" unitSize="16" weightMapId="12" distanceMapId="13" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>
        <Layer name="beachSand" detailMapId="17" unitSize="16" weightMapId="15" distanceMapId="16" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>
        <Layer name="gravel" detailMapId="20" unitSize="16" weightMapId="18" distanceMapId="19" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>
        <Layer name="asphalt" detailMapId="23" unitSize="16" weightMapId="21" distanceMapId="22" distanceMapUnitSize="128"/>

Let me break this down for you;

Layer name = name of layer to be displayed such as “grass” detailMapId=“x” this is the actual texture image for the layer unistSize=“16” this is the size of texture wieghtMapId=“x” this is the weight file found in map01 folder. A graphical representation of that layers usage distanceMapId=“x” this is the image that is shown when zoomed out distanceMapUnitSize=“128” this is the actual size of the distance.png files

8) You will need to add another line i the Layer field;

<Layer name=“darkasphalt” detailMapId=“x” unitSize=“16” weightMapId=“x” distanceMapId=“x” distanceMapUnitSize=“128”/>

X= a higher number in which it will not cause any conflicts. Like 500 and up.

9) Save>Open map01.i3d in GE>add new texture>when finished>click save terrain data button>file>save>re-zip>add to mods folder and enjoy your new paint-able texture :)

Hope this helps.

Original Author: Sniper214 | Date: September 09, 2011

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