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 +====== Adding Lock Load to a farming simulator 2015 mod ======  ​
 +Game Version: ​     \\
 +Programs required: ​
 +[[modding_tutorials|Modding Index]] | [[vehicle_modding|Vehicle Tutorials]]
 +===== Tutorial Intro =====
 +going to show how to add a lock load script to a truck
 +===== Prep Work =====
 +===== Full Details =====
 +Today I am going to be adding a lock load script to a truck. ​ Open your vehicle i3d .
 +Now go to a mod that has the locking script working. Find “fixArea” click on the “fixArea” in the Scenegraph ​
 +Now go to file Export Selection with files so you have the files under the fixArea. ​  Some mods might say Bale Lock or fixArea
 +The first two have to be the same as in where they are same goes for the back two 
 +Please note that I did use some scripts from offspring gaming f650 rollback v2 
 +Let’s start editing the modesc.xml so open the modesc in notepad++ you can get that for free
 +In the <​l10n> ​ add this  <text name="​universalAttacher"><​en>​Lock</​en><​de>​Sperre Load</​de></​text>​
 +     <text name="​universalAttacherAttach"><​en>​Load Lock</​en><​de>​Load Sperre</​de></​text>​
 +     <text name="​universalAttacherDetach"><​en>​Load UnLock</​en><​de>​Load Entsperren</​de></​text>​
 +Now let’s do the specializations
 +You will need this specializations  ​
 +<​specialization name="​universalAttacher"​ className="​universalAttacher"​ filename="​scripts/​universalAttacher.lua"/>​
 + <​specialization name="​selectable"​ className="​selectable"​ filename="​scripts/​selectable.lua"​ />
 +You also need extraSourceFiles
 +Don’t forget to add this right after specializations
 +Just go down one line and add this
 + <​extraSourceFiles>​
 + <​sourceFile filename="​scripts/​SetAttachEvent.lua"​ />
 + </​extraSourceFiles>​
 +Now go to this area
 +        <type name="​KenW900"​ className="​Vehicle"​ filename="​$dataS/​scripts/​vehicles/​Vehicle.lua">​
 +        <​specialization name="​animatedVehicle"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​motorized"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​steerable"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​drivable"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​cylindered"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​bunkerSiloCompacter"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​honk"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​indoorHud"​ />
 +        <​specialization name="​mountable"​ />
 + <​specialization name="​fillable"​ />
 + <​specialization name="​universalAttacher"/>​
 + <​specialization name="​selectable"​ />
 + <​specialization name="​triAxle"​ />
 + <​specialization name="​Fenster"​ />
 +just look at these and compare them to your mod
 +the main ones you need are universal Attacher ​
 +Selectable ​
 +Now let’s go to the inputbindings
 + <​input name="​universalAttacher"​ category="​VEHICLE"​ key1="​KEY_z"​ button=""​ />
 +you just need that one inputbinding
 +that input binding calls universal Attacher
 +That’s all for the moddesc don’t forget to save the file 
 +now go into the vehicle.xml  ​
 +add these lines in below dynamicMountTrigger ​
 +<!-- object attacher -->
 + <​baleCastPoints allowVehicleAttachment="​true">​
 + <​baleCastPoint frontRight="​28|0"​ backLeft="​28|2"​ attacherNode="​0>"/>​
 + <​baleCastPoint frontRight="​28|1"​ backLeft="​28|3"​ attacherNode="​0>"/>​
 + </​baleCastPoints>​
 +now open the vehicle i3d one more time to get the indexes for the bale cast points
 +you have to do the front right both first then do back Left Last 
 +now fix the fixArea Then on the left look for Attributes then look for index path example 0>28|0
 +do that 4 times and save the file and zip it back up and go test in game
 +then when in game if you did this right you Should see a Lock Load Appear in the Controls menu
 +here is the link to the scritps i am using https://​drive.google.com/​open?​id=0B6V7qpsASSulQy1laE03MFB6M2c
 +here is the mod i am using to add the lock load to http://​mods2015.com/​kenworth-flatbed-bale-truck-v-1-0/ ​  
 +here  the mod i am using to lock off to see how the locking script is done www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=LM1T2nf6Do0 the mod link is in the video desc
 +I forget to add this but the Programs you are going to need are Giants Editor i use 6.0.3 Notepad++ you can get that on the internet and Farming simulator going to add some images
 +Original Author: ​ walker1234 | Date: June 24, 2016
 +        ​
 +[[modding_tutorials|Modding Index]] | [[vehicle_modding|Vehicle Tutorials]]\\
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