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This tutorial shows you how to have two horns on your vehicle.


Now I will tell you how to add another horn to your vehicle in fs 2011/2013.

Before you start, make sure to backup your mod first!

First of all, you need to download this and place it in your vehicles folder: This is the script's lua file and is required to have, otherwiese the script will don't work.

Placing in modsdesc: Between <110n> and </110n>

      <text name="radio">

Between <inputbindings> and </inputbindings>

<input name="RADIO" key1="KEY_space" button="" />

You can change KEY_space to the key you want to use for your second horn.

Between <specializations> and </specializations>

<specialization name=“radio” className=“radio” filename=“radio.lua”/>

The radio.lua might have to be changed depending on where in the folder you put it. EX. putting in folder called “scripts” then change it to scripts/radio.lua.

Between <vehicleTypes> and </type>

<specialization name=“radio” />

Placing in mods .xml file. EX. car.xml

In the bottom but above </vehicle>

      <radio count="1" volume="30">
<song1 filename="sounds/horn2.wav" />

The “sounds/horn2.wav” might have to be changed depending on where you got the second horn sound.

Now it should work so go ingame and test it ;)

Good luck!

Original Author: Wille | Date: February 28, 2013

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