How to add an external object to a mod

Game Version: Giant's Editor 4.1.7 upwards
Programs required: Winzip, Jzip, 7zip or WinRar | NotePad / Notepad++

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So there's no doubt that there is already a tutorial somewhere for adding objects to a mod (e.g an AdStrip to a tractor) but I've have been asked how to do it by somebody and didn't see the point in writing a private tutorial.

I'm also going to include how to change the wheels on a mod for something a little more complex after basic editing.

For the tutorial I will be using the New Holland T8 mod by BulletBill83. It is a nice and simple mod that's open to any sort of customisation.

Step 1

First you need to have an object you want to add (if you hadn't guessed that yet =))

There are a lot of these available online or you could always extract one prior from a different mod.

Here are a couple of objects that are handy to start off with: Credits: Sanderrr object packs Credits: CryteX

Step 2

Using the first link above, the different objects handily come in separate folders. To start with choose an object you want to add and then copy and paste it into the mod you want to edit's root folder.


Next you need to open the mod I3D in Giants Editor. Before touching anything, create a new camera (in the top toolbar choose the Create drop-down menu and select camera)


Change your view to this new camera (right click, 'cameras' and then choose the bottom camera).


Go to File and then the Import option in that drop-down menu and then find the folder you pasted into the mod being edited's root folder.

Open this folder and open the I3D for the object.

Step 3

Select this imported object in the Giants Editor Scenegraph window and copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) into the main object.



Finally all you need to do is position your object. You can put it where you want at what size and rotation you want.

Step 4

Save and exit Giants Editor then Re-Zip the mod and name it the same name it had before. Place the mod in your mod folder and look at your masterpiece ;-).

Adding new wheels to a mod will come soon when I have time to write it.

If anyone has a problem even after following this tutorial then feel free to post below


Original Author: Chocolatecake2001 | Date: December 18, 2015

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