How To Add A Front Attacher To A Vehicle.

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I had trouble trying to add a front attacher to a truck to use with the attachable 3 point hitch hosted on here so i could hook up a plow to my truck to plow snow. A wonderful fella- Marxtai helped me sort my problem and it turns out other users had the same questions. So ill pass on my knowledge here.

Hello All,

I will be showing you how to add a front attacher to a truck or any vehicle here so you can attach the attachable 3 point hitch located here:

First you want to locate the zip file of the mod you would like to add the attacher to. After that open it and copy and paste all contents into a new folder:

I have added the contents of my zip file into a new unpopulated folder.

The next step is to locate a tractor or other mod with a front attacher you want to put on your vehicle. For this i will use a front attacher from a john deere tractor. To do this you must copy and paste the contents of the zip file of the vehicle with the attacher you desire to another new folder:

After this open the i3d file located in the folder you just created and then select the object or attacher you would like to put on your vehicle, as you can see i have already selected mine in the scenegraph:

The next step is to export the selected object by going to: File⇒Export Selection. You want to navigate to the folder you created with the vehicle you want to edit's files in it:

And name the exported file to hitch or something of that sort and hit ok. You now want to locate a “frontAttacher” joint or something similar in the scenegraph of the vehicle that you “stole” the hitch from and export that the same way you exported the hitch itself. After this close the GE window and open the i3d file of the vehicle you are editing:

And you want to go to: File⇒Import and locate the two i3d files you previously exported to your folder:

And hit open, your scenegraph should now look like this:

Now you want to position the attacher and the hitch on the truck. The hitch should be easy but the attacher joint will take some trial and error to get in the right place. Once you think youve got them both positioned where they should be cut and paste them into the the top item on your scenegraph, it should look like this now:

Also take note on the index node of the two files you imported you will need them for the next step. For example mine are: For frontTrailer: 0>20 and “transform”: 0>21.

Now open your vehicle.xml file in notepad and add:

Notice how i the “<trailerAttacherJoints>” section is underneath the “<AttacherJoints>” section some mods wont have a trailerAttacherJoints section so you will have to add it underneath the regular AttacherJoints section if it is not already there. After this save your xml and exit notepad. Make a new zip file on your desktop and copy and paste your contents of your folder into the new zip file and place the zip file in your mods folder.

Note: If this does not work and you have followed all steps correctly it is almost gauranteed that your attacherJoint is facing the wrong angle for this mod i had to set the angles as follows: X: 90 Y:-90 Z: -90. This requires some modding knowledge and lots of patience. I hope that i have helped some or many of you.

Original Author: Wolf | Date: January 04, 2014

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